Friday, March 09, 2018

Orphans rereleased separately in honour of RSD

Record Store Day has announced an 'RSD Exclusive Release' of Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards as separate discs on coloured (resp. red, blue and grey) vinyl. Three double albums, means you'll miss out on the 7th 'bonus' disc of the original Orphans box set.

I have no idea if this is this will be the same release as the separate and remastered Orphans discs ANTI announced last October., but I expect that to be regular black vinyl.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Another seven (7!) remastered Waits albums coming

ANTI- is releasing another seven remastereds Waits albums.

From ANTI-:
Tom Waits’ first seven albums, originally released through Elektra Asylum Records in the 1970’s, have been re-mastered and will be released via Anti-Records.

All titles – many of which have been long out of print – will be re-issued on hi quality 180 gram vinyl throughout 2018. 'Closing Time' vinyl is out March 9 and available for pre-order here. CD versions of all Asylum titles are available for pre-order here and will be available on March 23 with digital releases slated for March 9.

The albums released on Elektra Asylum are Closing Time, The Heart of Saturday Night, Nighthawks at the Diner, Small Change, Foreign Affairs, Blue Valentine and Heartattack and Vine.

That means we are only missing remastered versions of Swordfishtrombones, Rain Dogs, Franks Wild Years, Bone Machine, The Black Rider and Big Time.

Friday, January 05, 2018

Mule variations color vinyl

Newbury Comics announced an 'exclusive color vinyl pressing' of Mule variations yesterday. Sadly, this limited edition (of 750) of 'clear with black smoke' discs is already out of stock.

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Happy birthday, Tom Waits

On December 7, 1949, Thomas Alan Waits was born to Jesse Frank Waits and Alma Johnson McMurray.

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Jay Blakesberg retrospective

A retrospective of photographer Jay Blakesberg's career opens tonight at the Harvey Milk Photo Center in San Francisco.

Blakesberg has made some well-known pictures of Tom Waits.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Tom Waits Songwriters Hall of Fame nominee

Tom Waits is one of the nominees for the 2018 Songwriters Hall of Fame, officials told the Associated Press on Monday.

Other nominees are Mariah Carey, N.W.A., John Mellencamp, Tracy Chapman, Alice Cooper, Jimmy Cliff, the Isley Brothers, Chrissie Hynde, Alan Jackson, Kool & the Gang and Tom T. Hall.

Non-performing nominees are William Stevenson, Bill Anderson, Maurice Starr, Allee Willis, Steve Dorff, Mike Chapman, Randy Goodrum, Tony Macaulay and Jermaine Dupri. Nominated songwriting duos include Kye Fleming and Dennis Morgan, Denny Randell and Sandy Linzer and L. Russell Brown and Irwin Levine.

Six songwriters, or songwriting groups, will be officially inducted at a gala in New York on June 14. Eligible members can vote for three non-performing songwriters and three performing songwriters until December 17.

Instrumental version of Innocent when you dream

From Facebook:

Tom Waits recorded an instrumental version of his well known song, “Innocent When You Dream” for the player piano in the lobby of artist Banksy’s Walled Off Hotel, which is located in the shadow of the wall separating Palestine from Israel. To mark the 100 year anniversary of Britain’s former colonization of Palestine and its disastrous consequences, Banksy has mixed opulence and dystopia with his desire to highlight the daily lives and art of Palestinians. The Irish are no strangers to strife and division, and Waits selected this Irish tinged waltz because of its lyrical and wistful mix of regret and dreams for a world without walls.