Sunday, December 07, 2014

Happy Birthday

On December 7, 1949, Thomas Alan Waits was born to Jesse Frank Waits and Alma Johnson McMurray.

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Another hat auction

An authographed hat donated by Tom Waits, "from his personal wardrobe", is up for auction over at Proceeds go to the ACLU of Southern California.

The hat was personally owned and used by Tom Waits and now comes to you signed and a perfect addition to your music memorabilia collection.

 PS: Similar auctions were held back in February 2014 and in November 2012

Friday, November 28, 2014

Alice in Canada

Canadian Theatre Inconnu brings Alice to the stage in Victoria (BC).

The preview performance is on Sunday, with the run continuing to Dec. 20.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Alternative version of Hoist that rag on Most wanted man soundtrack (update)

A clip of the alternative version of Hoist that rag, ripped from A most wanted man from Amazon Instant Video.

(For information purposes only, no copyright infringement intended - if anyone should have a problem with this, I'll take it down.)

Friday, October 24, 2014

Orphans vinyl box back in stock

Kings Road Merch Europe have "a few" Orphans box sets back in stock

Tom Waits pictures in Danny Clinch book

While checking out the website of Danny Clinch, the director of the Lie to me video I posted earlier, I found out he has a new picture book out - Still moving - that has some nice Tom Waits pictures.

You can buy a signed copy* ($50) through his site, although that shop doesn't ship worldwide. If you live abroad, Amazon ($32.15) is another option.


A quote from an interview with Clinch in LAist:

"I rolled up into the parking lot to meet him [Tom Waits] and, funny enough, he had all sorts of little props," Clinch said. "He had a big magnifying glass, a funny Elvis mask and this little orange pistol."
The group brought the glass and the pistol into the fair. Clinch suggested they shoot Waits on the ferris wheel, but Waits said he was afraid of heights.
"So,we went to the carousel and the second time around, he pulled out this plastic pistol and I just embraced it," Clinch said. "It's great when someone will collaborate with you."

* Signed by Danny Clinch, I presume, not by Tom Waits.

Lie to me video

I don't think I've posted this Lie to me video (2006) by Danny Clinch before, so here goes:

UPDATE: I did post the video earlier (although it's off line now).