Sunday, February 08, 2015

Tour rumours

I am well aware there are some tour rumours floating around. If you haven't read anything about any upcoming shows here, it is because I have no indication there is anything to substantiate those rumours. As soon as I have some facts, I'll post them.

Blind Willie Johnson project update

An update from the Kickstarter project Help produce the songs of Blind Willie Johnson:
The Tom Waits recordings of Soul of a Man and John the Revelator are finished as is Maria McKee's recording of Let Your Light Shine on Me.  Similar to the confusion around Mother's Children, there was a Texas slide player called Smith Casey by the Library of Congress though some say his real name is Casey Smith. You will be excited to learn Mr. Waits' recording of Soul of a Man is built around a sample of Casey's 1939 recording of East Texas Rag. 

Matt Mahurin Waits book

Matt Mahurin - director of the videos for Hold On, What's He building in there and Hell broke Luce - is preparing a Tom Waits book. Looking at the pictures on his website this looks to be a very promising project.
 A collection of over 200 pages of photographs. paintings, drawings, digital images and live performance shot—as well as conceptual images of everything from a Tom Waits jetpack to an x-ray of his suitcase.

He has also some nice Waits pictures for sale.

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Happy Birthday

On December 7, 1949, Thomas Alan Waits was born to Jesse Frank Waits and Alma Johnson McMurray.

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Another hat auction

An authographed hat donated by Tom Waits, "from his personal wardrobe", is up for auction over at Proceeds go to the ACLU of Southern California.

The hat was personally owned and used by Tom Waits and now comes to you signed and a perfect addition to your music memorabilia collection.

 PS: Similar auctions were held back in February 2014 and in November 2012

Friday, November 28, 2014

Alice in Canada

Canadian Theatre Inconnu brings Alice to the stage in Victoria (BC).

The preview performance is on Sunday, with the run continuing to Dec. 20.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Alternative version of Hoist that rag on Most wanted man soundtrack (update)

A clip of the alternative version of Hoist that rag, ripped from A most wanted man from Amazon Instant Video.

(For information purposes only, no copyright infringement intended - if anyone should have a problem with this, I'll take it down.)