Saturday, April 24, 2004

Tom Waits about his new album

In a reaction to the exposition Blue Valentine, the Italian TW fan club, is putting together, Stuart Ross forwarded a note from Tom Waits an Kathleen Brennan to the Raindogs mailing list. Waits reveals some details about the upcoming album, which apparently is to be released in September.

The note as it was posted on Raindogs:

"Hello good people. I must admit, I'm a bit humbled by being the subject of a seminar on my songs. Anyway, we are currently recording a new record in an old schoolhouse in Mississippi because there's nothing like fresh
material.... all new tunes by Kathleen Brennan and myself to come out in September. No title as of yet. We worked with Larry Taylor on bass and guitar, Mark Ribot on guitar and tres, Brain Manita on drums, Casey Waits on percussion and turntables, Les Claypool on electric bass and Harry Cody on guitar. Feelin' good about it all. Songs about Mama, liquor, trains and death. Politics, rats, war, hangings, dancing, pirates, farms, the carnival and sinning. In other words, the same 'ol dirty business. Enjoy your gathering and we'll see you down the road."


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