Friday, May 07, 2004

Ambassador Hotel to be demolished

The Los Angeles Ambassador Hotel is to be torn down or partially restored as a public school. Tom Waits fans might recognise it from the 2002 video for God's away on business (real player video), directed by Jesse - son of Bawb - Dylan, who also also helmed the video for Goin' Out West. The God's away on business video shoot was disrupted when three emus set to star in the promo were eaten by coyotes.

The hotel opened on New Year's Day in 1921,but since two days after New Year's, 1989, its 455 rooms have been permanently closed to guests and visitors. the hotel was often used in films: it's the place where Anne Bancroft hands Dustin Hoffman her room key in The Graduate, it's where Julia Roberts learned silverware etiquette in Pretty Woman, it's where Arnold Schwarzenegger rode horseback through the lounge in True Lies. No wonder its once-famous Cocoanut Grove nightclub was the place where was where six of the earliest Academy Award presentations were held.
Probably it's most famous because it is here where that Senator Robert Kennedy was shot on June 4, 1968.

Unless public opinion can change Mayor Hahn's plans, now is the hotel will be demolished to create space for a campus for 4,731 students. After a final environmental impact study, a final decision could be made by June by the LA Unified School District’s (LAUSD) Board of Education .

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