Friday, September 03, 2004


Tom Waits will play the Koninklijk Theater Carré (1.600 seats) in Amsterdam on 19, 20 and 21 November. Tikcets go on sale 2 October. I have no idea how or where the tickets will be sold yet. Probably at the Carré box office, the Carré website and/or the Amsterdams Uitburo

That leaves us with the following confirmed tour schedule:

Berlin, Theater des Westens, 15 November (sold out)
Berlin, Theater des Westens, 16 November (sold out)
Berlin, Theater des Westens, 17 November (sold out)
Amsterdam, Carré, 19 November (on sale 2 October)
Amsterdam, Carré, 20 November (on sale 2 October)
Amsterdam, Carré, 21 November (on sale 2 October)
London, Carling Apollo, 23 November (on sale 10 September)
Belgium: TBA
North America: TBA


Anonymous said...

If anyone knows where we can get tickets for the Amsterdam shows via the web then please let us know, Cheers

Anonymous said...

This is simultaneously the worst thing and the best thing that could happen to me. I've been waiting for a chance to see Tom Waits ever since I found out while living in the US that he was playing in Paris, and now that I live in The Netherlands, I was SO delighted to hear that he's paying Europe another set of visits..

However, unless he plans to tour for a bit longer through Europe, I'll have to miss him. My sister is getting married in New Zealand and I've already booked for going there - Nov. 15th to Dec. 16th!! Seeing Tom is worth a lot to me, but not the EUR3000 for rescheduling two tickets to Auckland... Argh.

Anonymous said...

i always buy my tickets on for shows here in holland. they're reliable, accept all major credit cards and send you the tickets in time for the shows. (don't know if they send internationally, though...)
i wouldn''t trust the website of Carre just yet as the place and the site has been reconstructed and reorganized lately. Uitburo should probably also carry tickets for the show. I'll post again as soon as the information is available here (and yes, I check once a minute for updates on these shows on all the sites i know...).
Carre is a fabulous place to see any concert. It's an old indoor circus. I've seen Costello there on a few occasions. Last time he captivated the whole crowd by singing the last encore from the front of the stage without a microphone. Great acoustics!!! Tom Waits in Carre is a dream come true...

Hope to see you there! Great site this!

Julian said...

Thanks for the info RUNE. If you find out more then please let us know. Cheers, Julian.

Anonymous said...

The show in Belgium is listed in the website The show is on 13/10 in Antwerp, before the Berlin gigs. They also list the prices: Class A tickets = 99€ (weeeeheeee!!! that's a lot of money!), class B go for 40.
Tickets on sale 20/9.

Anonymous said...

Tom Waits is scheduled to play on Friday,
October the 15th in Vancouver, Canada at
8pm. Tickets go on sale at http:/// on monday, September 13.