Thursday, October 28, 2004

Tour or movie?

Not too much hard news these days, but according to an article (registration requierd) in the St. Paul Pioneer Press, the plans for the shooting of Robert Altman's movie Prairie Home Companion - which was reported here earlier - are coming along. St. Paul's (MN) Fitzgerald Theater is booked for shooting the film in January and February. Draw your own conclusions as to what that might mean for a tour in early 2005...


Anonymous said...

tom's role is not a big one. my opinion is that this doesn't necessarily indicate one way or another whether he will be touring during that period.

i must say i'm anxious to see tom on the big screenagain, alongside lyle lovett, no less (another hero of mine) but i'd much rather see him on stage anywhere on the east coast (:

btw, it also looks like ribot is going to be tied up until mid-january so possibly tom will be done with his role in the altman film and ready to treat us to what vancouver and seattle have already tasted by then.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment above. Production for the film begins in January over probably a span of 5-8 weeks, right? And during that time Waits might have to appear for 3 days of the shooting. I wouldn't rule out a concert appearance based on Altman's schedule.