Sunday, November 21, 2004

Amsterdam setlist (#2)

The set list for the second Amsterdam show (November 20):

Make It Rain
Don't Go Into That Barn
Trampled rose
Hoist That Rag
Sins Of My Father
God Is Away On Business
Dead and lovely
I'll shoot the moon
Metropolitan Glide
Hold on
Walk away
Day after tomorrow
Shake It

First encore:
Come On Up To The House
Picture in a frame
Lucky Day

Second encore:
Murder in the red barn

This one should be pretty accurate, thanks to Helen. Again, a boy on percussion for Hoist that rag, presumably Tom's son Sullivan.

As always, one address for additions or corrections.


Anonymous said...

Did CR Avery appear at the Amsterdam shows?

noize said...

No CR yesterday.
Fantastic show.

noize said...

My picture in a frame from yesterday.


Anonymous said...

setlist is correct, i think.
concert was unforgettable.
i think that without all that flash-fotography we would have had one extra encore.

Anonymous said...

Anybody got more pictures? Don't lie, i saw all of you flashing!

Anonymous said...

Sounds amazing - Can't wait to Tuesday for London. I was at Berlin last week and the Tuesday show was reviewed in the UK Sunday paper, The Observer. Link to it here:,6903,1355919,00.html


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey, Henk...

I really appreciate this blog. It's nice to know where to go for quick reference of past events and anyt TW news. I'd like to say however, that as a primary source for this information, that it would be appreciated if you distinguished between encores and broke it down as to what songs were played in encore#1 and #2 for example. "Encores" is a bit too broad a stroke for one like me.