Thursday, November 18, 2004

Berlin set list (#3)

I've got an update for the set list for the third Berlin show (November 17).

During Hoist that rag, a kid (11-12 years old?) was playing percussion with Brain. CR Avery joined the band on stage for some beatboxin' and he played harp on Heartattack and vine.

Make it rain
Don´t go into that barn
Hoist that rag
Sins of the father
Earth died screaming (on harmonium)
Reeperbahn (on harmonium)
The part you throw away
God´s away on business (on harmonium)
Diamond in your mind (on harmonium)
Metropolitan glide (with CR Avery)
Heartattack and vine (with CR Avery)
Walk away
Day after tomorrow
Shake it

First encore:
Come on up to the house (on harmonium)
Trampled rose

Second encore:
Get behind the mule (with CR Avery)
Lucky day (on harmonium)

Thanks to Sylvain, Reiner and Manfred.
You can mail me corrections.

UPDATE (December 17): Initially, I posted Tom played no piano, but listening to the recordings of this night, that obviously seems wrong. Thanks to Do for pointing that out.


Anonymous said...

I guess tha young guy that played drums on Hoist that Rag was Tom's youngest son.

JensdePens said...

I love that Tom played the harmonium!
I love his talent for playing the piano but we got those versions on CD.

I don't think I will be able to sleep the next 2 nights :-)

Anonymous said...

I was at all three concerts in Berlin.
I had bought the tickets one month ago and, since then, I had been waiting and thinking only about the concerts.
Now that it is over I feel sad and alone...

It was like having a long holiday and coming then back at home and at the usual, daily life.

JensdePens said...

Just find something else you can get excited about. And don't compare your feelings for your future "exciting things" with your feelings for the previous ones.
Just be excited and focus on that particular event so you can enjoy it.
And off course always keep your memories close to you!
This will help you to get over these dark days.

Anonymous said...

I just want to wish everyone who's attending the shows this weekend to have a freakin' special time. I know I will. I'll be the guy with the big smile on the first row...

Do said...

Sorry Eyeball, but is it true he played no piano on 17.11? What about "Come up to the house", "lucky day", and "walk away"? Somebody else played piano on that?

Do said...

Sorry, not walk away, but "keep a diamond". That makes 3 on piano.

The Eyeball Kid said...

I guess the info (about the piano) I got was wrong.
Sorry about that.

Do said...

No problem. Thanks to you for the GREAT site.
Here's my email BTW: