Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Berlin setlist (#2)

The set list for the second Berlin show (November 16):

Make it rain
Don´t go into that barn
Walk away
Hoist that rag
Sins of the father
Way down in the hole
All the world is green
God´s away on buisness
Misery's the river of the world
Table top joe
Murder in the red barn (soft blues verision)
Day after tomorrow
Shake it

First encore:
Metropolitan glide
Get behind the mule
Trampled rose

Second encore (on piano):
Invitation to the blues
House where nobody lives

During Don´t go into that barn and Metropolitan glide, CR Avery, a beatbox poet musician from Vancouver did some beatboxin' and some harmonica playing.

A big thank you to John Murphy La Vecchia Via Solitaria and Helen for the info on the Berlin shows.


JensdePens said...

Glad and relieved to see that "House where nobody lives" is back on the list!
I hope he keeps it there!!
(Especially Sunday!!)

Anonymous said...

I think the think that hampers these set lists more than anything else is the seemingly default inclusion of 'Sins of my Father'. In eleven minutes he could fit in between two to four songs, and if your playing the odds, they'd probably all be better.

Anonymous said...

The 'beatbox-guy'was on stage for the two songs mentioned (by the way he really contributed big time to the whole atmosphere!!!), but wasn't his son. I couldn't understand the name, when Tom thanked him, but it definitely wasn't his son...
Hope that helps!


Anonymous said...

What a show. I expected it to be good but part of me was worried, after all I'd spent a lot on travelling to the show. I was absolutely mesmerised throughout. The man is a true iconoclast. I'm lucky enough to have a ticket for next week's show in London and I'm so looking forward to this. Just hope the Apollo can feel as amazing as the Theater des Westens felt last night.

Anonymous said...

Got to agree with you - CR Avery really made an impact. The beatbox duet stuff on Metropolitan Glide was just awesome. Good to hear some stuff from Alice and Blood Money too. God's Away On Business was spine tinglingly brilliant, and how cool to hear him do Invitation To The Blues. TdW was a great venue. Sound was very good. The band were all superb. Regards to all the Berliners who made this a great couple of days for us.

mojoman said...

It sounds like an awesome show. Especially the piano encores. We missed those in Antwerp....

Anonymous said...

what are the major differances between this tour and the "get behind the mule" tour? i was under the impression tha last tour was quite theatrical and this one sparse. is that correct? if so, that's a wee bit disappointing, as i'm seeing him for the first time in london and love tom in his full theatrical glory.... know what i mean? anyone see both tours??

Anonymous said...

the GBTM tour was definitely more theatrical: I saw one show of that tour in Florence and I was last Tuesday and Wednesday at the shows here in Berlin.
I must say that the concert in 1999 was by far better than this year's one: Tom interacted much more with the audience and there was a better balance between new songs (from Mule Variations) and oldies. Then, there was the piano on stage all the time...
The shows here in Berlin were anyway great, but I got the feeling they were more "mechanical", planned up to the smallest detail. Also, the charisma of Tom on stage was a bit lower: he seemed to force his show, in terms of mimics and spoken words. It was, so to say, less natural.
Moreover, at yesterday's show the piano did not appear at all during the encores (maybe it was too drunk...)

I don't know, I sincerely hope that it's me getting older and therefore less sensible to new exciting experiences!

Anonymous said...

Have to disagree with some of the last post. The current tour doesn't feeel any more staged. It may be less theatrical...I remember Tom walking througfh the audience in Paris throwing glitter over his head and that sensational moment in Eyeball Kid when he slowly pirouetted with a single spotlight on his glittered hat..great moments but to me less spontaneous than what is happening now. To be honest I don't really care...both the Paris and Berlin gigs were little short of life changing experiences....and I have a ticket for London. Oh yes!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed two shows in Paris in 2000 and the first two nights in Berlin last week. Definately less theatre this time, but the music was sensational and there were marked differences between the performances each night. I was moved to tears twice by the Monday performance. It was sensational - every bit as good as the previous tour.

We bumped into Tom on Tuesday afternoon at the Museum of Modern Art. We had been sitting having a coffee for five minutes before we noticed him and the family at the next table! Despite having thought over the years what we might say to Tom if we ever met our hero, we were both struck by the notion that we shouldn't intrude upon a quiet family moment, and left them to it. A great moment from a fabulous trip.