Monday, December 20, 2004


Tom Waits has a small role as a wandering soothsayer in Tony Scott's film Domino alongside Keira Knightley, Mickey Rourke and Christopher Walken. Filming began on Monday October 2004 and the movie is expected in theatres somewhere in October 2005.



Anonymous said...

hi -- Waits has written a poem about the pogues that is included in 2 of their new CD reissues. It's a great poem! Sorry don't have time to type it out. Hope this helps. rum sodomy and the lash and hells ditch cds

Anonymous said...

Tom Waits has taken a small role in director Tony Scott’s new movie, ‘Domino’, starring Keira Knightly, Mickey Rourke and Christopher Walken.

The film is the true story of British actor Laurence Harvey’s daughter, Domino, who turned away from her successful career as a model to become a bounty hunter.

Waits, who plays the part of a wandering soothsayer, filmed his scenes immediately on returning to America after his acclaimed London show last month. Commenting on why he took the movie role, Waits says: “they won me in a poker game”.