Saturday, February 05, 2005

JT Leroy

According to the Las Vegas Mercury, Tom waits is one of the people who contributed a cover blurb for JT LeRoy's novella Harold's End (with illustrations by Cherry Hood and published by Last Gasp Books ).

Tom Waits' quote:
JT’s stories are like stitches, like exit wounds, dispatches, depositions. He is the brilliant, gifted and profound fly on the wall. You’ll need handkerchiefs and Novocain to get through this.


Anonymous said...

JT ain't THAT great, Tom. Psh.

Reminds me of Dylan patting Bono far too hard on the back in his autobiography.

Anonymous said...

It's also worth noting that the quote in question is taken from an interview Waits published in Vanity Fair in July 2001, which largely focussed on how LeRoy was dealing with the fame and notoriety resulting from his first novel, 'Sarah'. It certainly doesn't refer specifically to this latest book.