Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Tour news

In a response to several rumours, Stuart Ross - Tom Waits' tour manager - had the following to say:
,,There will not be a summer tour. That being said, shows are being planned, just not in the summer. More as it comes.''


Billy Vidrine said...

Thanks for keeping us updated, man. I had been wondering about the touring situation for some time. Drag about the summer but some tour is better than no tour.

Anonymous said...


I'd love to see Tom over hear in Ireland sometime...what are the chances I wonder? I'd walk the length of the country to see him. He did marry a kerry woman, maybe he'll come see the relatives at some stage.

Poor Edward

Anonymous said...

Lisbon, Portugal? There's a lot of people here waiting a long, long time ago to see Tom Waits Live in Concert for the first time...

mike said...

He'd have to do a week in London first, to clear the backlog of disappointees (like me), who got gazzumped by the vampire touts.

They will have to make sure tickets are accessible to every one.

Anonymous said...

i've heard from a source at the U.N
here in NYC that Tom Waits is supposed to be part of a benefit concert around sept 21, 2005. anyone here about this??
can anyone confirm this??

Anonymous said...

Gee, how true you people are !!!! I am sometimes wondering whether Tom Waits, whom we all know doesn't like touring that much (he said it from the start of his early career, alreday). But not touring is not touring!!!

No fan could, would or (according to me) should complain about his work, but why not more tour than that? Why such an unfair way of selling when he tours?
I don't know how much singers like their fans, and Tom said clearly once that "one might think he doesn't have a life, but he does" but if he ad any time to spend, all his fans would like it to be with him, on stage.

Big spender... is he?
Why is it he doesn't spend time with us?

One should leave stars and idols alone, as long they remain on our minds
(quoting myself, from a sentence 5 minutes ago)

-A said...

Thank you for th

-A said...

thanks for keeping this blog. I've been looking for up to date concert info for ages. many thanks.