Thursday, August 10, 2006

Chicago setlist

Chicago (IL) - Auditorium Theatre, August 9
Make It Rain
Hoist That Rag
Shore Leave
God's Away On Business
All The World Is Green
Falling Down
Tango Till They're Sore
Tom Traubert's Blues
Eyeball Kid
Down In The Hole
Don't Go Into That Barn
Shake It
Trampled Rose
What's He Building In There
Who's Been Talking / Till The Money Runs Out
Murder in the Red Barn
Lie To Me Baby
Get Behind The Mule

Day After Tomorrow

Whistlin' Past The Graveyard


JensdePens said...


Damn, he keeps surprising me...

That's a perfect song to close his concert.
Again I'm jealous.

But wouldn't it be more perfect if he would close the concert with "Tom Traubert's Blues"?

Just for the record: I'm not complaining. Really glad he's playing this song again.
I would just be so blown away by it, I'll probably miss the next song

Anonymous said...

Please, please, please let this be the set list for the Detroit show!!!

Todd said...

Great show.

That third encore tease was pretty cruel though.

alex said...

Saw the show in Chicago last night - fantastic - but couldn't get a poster. Anyone know where I can one?

Kent said...

I loved the show, first one ever. Waits' voice in the Auditorium Theatre was incredible .. it rocked your bones. The piano two-part Tango+Traubert was amazing.

Very much agree with Todd, though. I didn't think he'd come back, but thne I had hope. Ah, well.

Alex, I think your only hope might be a fly poster somewhere .. I saw a few in Lincoln Square I may try to acquire.

Anonymous said...

Murder in the Red Barn is missing from the set list
I know he played it, but I can not tell were to insert it in the set list

Bubs said...

It was unexpected and cool hearing Murder in the Red Barn as a straight up blues number. I think it was just before or after "What's He Building..." I know it was toward the end of the show.

Hearing "Time" at the end was totally wonderful and unexpected too.

Anonymous said...

Gotta say I thought Murder was done a major disservice by the straight on bluesyness. It hampered more songs than it helped and made some of Tom's stuff something it had never been for me before - plodding.

A minor problem though because the show was still amazing.

markr said...

Hey Detroit get ready.

I first herd Tom in Detroit in 75 or 76. I was sitting in my mom's basement on a Sunday afternoon and he was on the radio talking about "Nighthalks" and was in character if you know what I mean.

I don't remember if it was wabx, wdet but I think it was wdet cause wabx was pretty lame by 75 if I remember right.

Anyway, he was playing that night and again If I remamber right it was at a place called the "Showcase Theater" that turned out to be the old Easttown. I know Detroiters will remember that place.

So 4 of us went down and paid our 6 or 7 bucks and were blown away. I had seen a lot of music in the MC but nothing like Tom and have been a huge fan from that evening on.

Moved to NC in 77 and was able to catch the Asheville show. So I have seen Tom twice in 30 or 31 years.

Anonymous said...

He also did waltzing matilda. I dont see it on the list.

Anonymous said...

"Murder in the Red Barn" was right after "Till the Money Runs Out" and right before "Lie to Me Baby".

Also to the poster before me looking for Waltzing Matilda, as we all know that on there and is called "Tom Traubert's Blues (Three Sheets to the Wind in Copenhagen)"

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the complaints on tom's music bein so bluesy on this tour. Hell if ya listen to the music playing before the show it's almost all old blues 78s' and for christ sakes hes' coverin howlin wolf! I LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

I think he should just change the name of Tom Traubert's Blues to Waltzing Matilda. And that's the only pre-Kathleen song he's performing.

It's a great mix of songs--grim reapers and grand weepers.

What's He Building? was the highlight of the show.

I've seen him twice in three days. Will sell a kidney for a ticket to the late night Cleveland show. Any takers?

mack said...

hey markr

i was at that Showcase/Easttown show

Anonymous said...

detroit main floors (2) up NOW. I wish I could upgrade but I am worried about them canceling both orders.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the blues version of muder in the red barn... overall awesome show - i wish he played a few songs and i wish he left out a few songs (ie falling down) that first encore was wonderful - the day after tomorrow was brilliant. Also - his son did an amazing job - esspecially beatboxing during eyeball kid - god knows i coulden't have gone that long.

rita said...

You can call ticketmaster and ask for an upgrade to the better seats. I did that for the Louisville show and got 8th row. No troubles with cancellations as it isnt a new order just change to the original order. They do a one time complementary upgrade. Just make sure those are the best you can get. Definately call for better seats!!!

Mahood said...

There seems to be some confusion over the 'Lie to me' song. From the comments I'd read earlier, I assumed that this was the Howlin' Wolf classic 'Spoonful'; sometimes mixed with 'Heartattack and Vine' (in the same way that 'Who's been Talkin'' segues into 'Till The Money Runs Out' - referred to some as 'Bye Bye Baby'), or sometimes sung on it's own. However it is still being referred to as the 'lie to me' song. Why?

Can anyone actually clarify that it is Spoonful??

Below are the lyrics to Spoonful (can't see any direct reference to 'lie to me' myself...).

Lyrics: Willie Dixon - Spoonful

It could be a spoonful of coffee
It could be a spoonful of tea
But one little spoon of your precious love
Is good enough for me

Men lie about that spoonful
Some cry about that spoonful
Some die about that spoonful
Everybody fight about a spoonful
That spoon, that spoon, that spoonful

It could be a spoonful of water
To save you from the desert sand
But one spoon of love1 from my forty-five
Will save you from another man
Men lie about that spoonful
Some cry about that spoonful
Some die about that spoonful
Everybody fight about a spoonful
That spoon, that spoon, that spoonful
That spoon, that spoon, that spoonful

It could be a spoonful of sugar
It could be a spoonful of tea
But one little spoon of your precious love
Is good enough for me
Men lie about that spoonful
Some cry about that spoonful
Some die about that spoonful
Everybody fight about a spoonful
That spoon, that spoon, that spoonful
That spoon, that spoon, that spoonful
That spoon, that spoon, that spoonful
That spoon, that spoon, that spoonful

It could be a spoonful of sugar
It could be a spoonful of tea
But one little spoon of your precious love
Is good enough for me

Anonymous said...

i just called TickettBastard and was told there's no such thing as an upgrade (told so both from the ticket sales rep and the customer service rep).

I'm 20 rows back for Detroit (had 5th row fist balcony last night in Chicago) so no complaints. just passing on info and a WOW!

Anonymous said...

I'm very familiar with the song Spoonful (written by Willie Dixon) and didn't recognize it at all if that's what he was singing. He was singing really fast, but I did distinctly hear the lines "Lie to me baby" and "I ain't got no use for the truth" neithe of which to my knowledge is part of spoonful.

Bucky Four-Eyes said...

I was at the show last night, my third TW show and first time I've seen him since the Franks Wild Years tour. Took along pen and paper, fully planning to jot down the song titles. Ha! Was much too mesmerized to bother with that. I'm glad someone else keeps better track than I do.

Anonymous said...

My second show (and sadly last) show this time around--no singalongs at all like Lousiville--It Rains On Me is great for that. Each show has their great moments.

I had totally forgotten about Time, it's the one song I wanted to hear him do live, and missed it in 1999, so last night was special just for that.

I don't mind the blues style, I love some blues (Wolf, RL Burnside), but there are a couple tunes I don't think work at all--or maybe are simply bad songs to do live--Shake It, Trampled Rose, and even Get Behind the Mule could not be played and I wouldn't mind a bit.

This time I took my binoculors and got a really good view of Tom from our upper right box seats (sec. 2). It was cool watching him do Day After Tomorrow, and seeing his son in the frame as well, just listening. Same for Time. I figure seeing Tom is nearly as rare as seeing an Ivory-billed woodpecker, so I wanted an up close view. Highly recommended.

The ticket distribution thing was a nightmare--I stood on one side for about an hour--waiting on my friend who has a sudden conflict at home and then traffic--and when he finally showed, they told us our seats were on the other side, go to the other line. Fortunately there were still 200 people in that line, and Tom waited to start the show--thanks Tom--the show started withing a minute of us getting to our seats--we were about the last people inside.

Tom, there's gotta be a better way--sell through fan club--make people swear on the Bible they won't scalp the tickets, make people take a Waits quiz before they can buy, something...

Or maybe if you came 'round more often, everything wouldn't be so heightened.

--Rene Fontaine

national granthem said...
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Aberrant Templar said...

A friend and I took a bus from Syracuse NY Tuesday night at 8pm. Arrived in Chicago around 11am. Saw Tom at 8pm. Hopped a midnight bus back to Syracuse and just got in about a half hour ago. It was my second Tom Waits concert and, again, I he brought the house down.

On top of that, I see he added another show in Ohio. If he comes within driving distance of central New York I think I might manage two concerts this tour. :-)

Adam said...

He played "Falling Down" and "Time". I could not have been happier, even though I nearly sprained my ankle during "Trampled Rose". Long story.

Anonymous said...

i was sitting in the 7th row near the front. during tom's conversation with the audience at the piano, there was some sort of fist fight in the aisle right near my seat. security rushed over and escorted several people out. i'm not sure what happened, but i think tom saw it and kept talking until the incident resolved itself to distract the crowd.
anybody know what happened?

ComeNowMyDroogs said...

It really shocks me how many fans dont know that the song is called Tom Traubert's Blues. That being said, Time was a fantastic surprise. The only downside of the show is that he only played two songs on the piano. Lucky Day and House Where Nobody Lives both sound FANTASTIC when he does em. oh well. It looks like I'm not gonna get to hear Cemetary Polka... unless... (crosses fingers for Akron).

padawanofraindog said...

"It really shocks me how many fans dont know that the song is called Tom Traubert's Blues."

Cheers to that my friend. All i have to say now is...two shows in one night. My mind is blown.

markr said...

Hey Mack,

The Showcase/Eastown was a great show wasn't it ?

Was it 75 or 76 ?

I had never heard of Tom Waits until I saw him at this show.

If I remember correctly there were 250-300 people there max.

Great old music venue wasn't it ?

2for2true said...

August 1st: Fidel Castro cedes power to his brother, claiming illness...

August 1st: Tom Waits's Orphan's tour kicks off in Atlanta Georgia...with a mysterious upright bass player lurking in the shadows, wearing a familiar green combat cap....

Coincidence? I think not.....

handle said...

"The Showcase/Eastown was a great show wasn't it ?
Great old music venue wasn't it ? "

Damn straight - I spent many lovely evenings there, even if I can't remember some of them. :D

Todd said...


Anyone take pictures?

I'd like to see some

Tony Franciosa said...

Great Show!

I was a little bummed that he didn't play Going Out West, but Traubert, Time, and Day After Tomorrow were incredible.

I did miss Marc Ribot on the Real Gone songs. His solo on Hoist That Rag really makes that song what it is.

Flew out from San Diego to see the show; absolutely worth it.

Beth said...

I don't know if anyone got photos. I saw some people with camera phones, and I also saw ushers asking people trying to take photos with camera phones to knock it off. I saw two professional photographers there, on the right side of the first orchestra, taking photos. I'd be curious to see photos too. It was such a great concert.

Adam said...

It was a great show. No "Goin Out West" was a disappointment. If anyone is interested, I'll be playing a few of the songs from the Chicago show on my internet radio show tonight. And lots more Waits music that you've already heard. Show starts at 8pm CST/9pm EST. Listen here. Chatroom here.

Anonymous said...

There are some photos up on Flickr. Not real clear or close up, but nice views of the whole stage.

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone,
I was in Nashville...amazing show, first time Tom Waits live, he is the most important artist/musician/poet...for me, I just wanted to say you all that were in Chicago, you were blessed to hear Time... I would never complain about anything, I would see Tom Waits play wichever set he wishes. He does not choose his songs without knowing what he does, just like his sounds and melodies and all on his albums. He creates a world and it's up to the people to get into it... This said, Time must have been amazing. Tom Traubert's Blues (and not Waltzing Mathilda, come on...) brought tears to my eyes. It was the soecial moment in the concert and since then - he first played this song in Nashville during the tour - I think he realized the audience's reaction and kept it for every show... Does anybody have any songs to share?? (Time for example, or any others??) Adam, the dj on radio, would you have any to share by any chance?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully some songs will be on the raindogs ftp soon!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully some shows will be on the raindogs ftp soon.

boognish said...

i have some shirts that i can get out to some people if they are wanted semi-low numbers but produced with quality and cheap.
give me an email if interested. I brought like 10 to the show so you might have seen them

John said...

"I've seen him twice in three days. Will sell a kidney for a ticket to the late night Cleveland show. Any takers?"

Man, I really need a dialysis twice a week, and don't know if I can make it to the late show tomorrow...I'll totally give you the ticket for a kidney

lucky enough to see the chicago show and unfortunately came away slightly hollow...i guess i had expectations that were not fair, or was comparing to the 1999 chicago show I saw (which was titanic in the history of live music i've seen), but the bluesy style was extremely prevalent, and i was hoping for more theatrics, characters, or different instrumentation (plus, whats with only two piano songs?). a few of the songs in the blues style and instrumentation of the show bordered on ho-hum. i was talking to my friend about it, and the consensus is as fans of an artist, you have to get behind stylistic changes, nuanced or more significant, or new directions that they may go toward...the guys been playing for more than three decades, he will inevitably find different ways to play his songs. the internet's great an all, but reading the setlists before the show screwed me up too, because i was basically expecting 'rains on me' which would have been amazing, but he decided not to play it, so that was dissapointing too...I was looking forward to that.

I recorded it and don't mind sharing it (came out slightly quiet, but i need to work on it, compress, etc), so do one of you mind directing me to a site to post/share/find other shows from the tour? I wouldn't be suprised if there are five bootlegs of each show on the tour, so maybe the market's saturated already...

Anonymous said...

John said...a site to post/share/find other shows from the tour?

Sarah V's Raindogs FTP is a fantastic resource for Tom Waits live stuff. The FAQ page is here
You could e-mail her to see if you can upload your stuff and anyone who wants it can download it!

Anonymous said...

How about the Weiner Circle story? I live two blocks from there. I think I would have shat myself if I walked into Weiner Circle and saw Tom there. Being called a Dickweed.

Amazing show all around. I saw four shows this tour and even though this wasn't my favorite show I couldn't have ask for anything more then to finish out my tour with TIME. Beautiful.

I have mixed feeling (over mixed drinks) about the blues level of his shows. I too really like the theatrics of the Mule tour and was looking forward to seeing more glitter throwing, more dust flying, and the strangle instruments Tom used for that tour. However, I did like to hear his songs in a different way, in a bluesy way. Except for Goin out west. I love that song for its rockin' sound so to hear it in the blues style it was I was abit disappointed. So really Chicago didn't miss much by him not playing that song.... November or Lucky day (Louisville) that was something else. Blue Valentine, Cemetery Polka (Nashville). Dead and Lovely, Yesterday is here, Invitation to the Blues (Memphis). Awesome. I had alot fun and met some terribly nice Tow Waits fans along the way. Oh and Ty Pennington in Nashville. That was weird. He also enjoy the show but from VIP. Bastard.

Birty_Dird said...
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Birty_Dird said...

I managed to score a pretty decent, 2cd recording of the show, I am looking to trade off copies for either the show poster, those little matchbooks being handed out outside or pics taken at the show. Or I guess just about anything from TW! Email me at if interested