Friday, February 16, 2007

More reviews and interviews

An updated list (Feb. 16) wit a lot of links stolen from


Brooklyn rail
The reflector
Blues in London
Stomp and stammer
The Daily Vidette
Chron Review
BC Music
M&C Music
San Diego City Beat
The Star Online E-Central
The Maneater
Detroit Free Press
City Pages
Ottawa Citizen
Times Colonist
Boston Globe
Blogcritics Magazine Music
The Washington Times
Vue Weekly
Digital Music Weblog
The Carolinian Online
The Pulse
Arkansas Democrat Gazette
Transform Online
Washington City Paper
Chart Attack
Dylan, etc (blog)
Blues in London
Rochester City
The Japan Times
The San Diego Union
Filter Magazine
The Mass Media
Austin 360
Fairfield County Weekly
The Guardian
Blender Magazine
The OC Register
Stop Smiling Magazine
The Phoenix
De Wereld van Martin Bril (Dutch)
Yale Daily News
El País @ Máquina de Huesos - Spanish)
Music Video Wire
Harp Magazine
The Guardian - University of California
Washington Square News
Yale Daily News
Pitchfork Media
Eye Weekly
The Green Man
Sunday Herald
CB Music
Berlingske (Danish)
BBC Collective
Contact Music
Centre Daily Times
Star Telegram
New York Times
Orlando Sentinel
Rolling Stone
Toronto Star
Voir (French)
The Village Voice
The Star
LA Times
Stylus Magazine
De Volkskrant (Dutch)
The New York Sun
The Weekender BBC2 (audio available till Friday)
Malaysia Star
The Guardian
The Daily Mirror
The Philadelphia Enquirer
Times Online (2)
Down in the hole (Daniel Hatadi's blog)
Village Voice
Times Online
Rolling Stone
Time out London
Fort Collins Weekly
The Daily Iowan
The Guardian - Comment is free
The Scotsman
The Independent


Memphis commercial appeal
Galore (German)
Pitchfork media
Plain Dealer (updated version)
The Chicago Tribune
The Houston Chronicle (includes audio clips)
The Plain Dealer
Now Toronto
Popmatters / The Miami Herald
Harp Magazine
La Repubblica
The Miami Herald

Audio interviews

NPR - All things considered
P1 Morgen (Denmark)
Radio 1 (Belgium)
Zaterdagavond@vpro (three hour special with an interview with Tom Waits, an interview with Kees Lau and Pieter Hartmans and myself and an hour of live music recorded during the Orphans tour.


Selby said...

3VOOR12 radio reporter Jaap Boots met Tom Waits in an oyster bar The Little Amsterdam.
A 33min report.

Selby said...

oh sorry, I hear the anouncement of the 3 hours show, and you're in it :-)
You probally posted it allready but anyway. (in dutch)

mwt. said...

This month's issue of StopSmiling also has a good interview with Old Tom.

Anonymous said...

TW appreciation in today's Guardian:,,1967666,00.html

Anonymous said...

hotels and whiskey and sad-luck days

Anonymous said...

hotels and whiskey and sad luck days. it's Bawler tonight.