Sunday, January 28, 2007

An ode

An ode to Tom Waits

coming back
from some late night record shopping
the wind stings my eyes as I walk to the car
and I wipe the tears from my cheeks
run into some traffic jam
the police glow as bright as the northern lights
and the broken glass
shines like diamonds on the side of the road
and old Tom Waits is whining on the radio
and as I stare at the flares his grating voice
lifts my heart from the cold.

This is a poem by Alex Frank, a Detroit student who died of pancreatic cancer in 2005. The poem was read at a a commemoration service last weekend and will be on permanent display at his school, the Roeper School, where he graduated in 1995.

(via the Detroit Free Press)

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DrPod said...

No doubt it's not 'great' poetry, but the last 3 lines are striking and poignant. Moreover, in light of the circumstances, it's a touching tribute.