Friday, January 19, 2007

When the beans are gone

The new Book of Knots album Traineater includes a collaboration with Tom Waits; Pray, in which Mr. Waits asks the poignant question ,,What you gonna do when the beans are gone?''

Pitchfork Media is kind enough to offer an mp3 file of the song.

(The BoK website is under construction, but you can check them out on

UPDATE: Record company ANTI not only mentions Tom Waits' involvement (lyrics/vocals, guitar, percussion), but also the contribution of Kathleen Brennan (lyrics/vocals).

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Mahood said...

You can certainly hear a female voice...Kathleen Brennan's vocal debut? (I have a sneaking suspicion her vocals show up on Mule Variations' "The Eyeball Kid"..can't be sure, though).