Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New lay-out

I'm working on a new lay-out, so there might be some features that don't work the way they are supposed to. Sorry for the inconvenience, but things should be back to normal within the next few days.

UPATE: I've finally managed to whip things into shape more or less. Feel free to comment on the changes - I'm always willing to listen.

For example, Blogger has finally added the possibility to label posts with different categories and so far I've come up with those you can see in the right-hand column (Collaborations, Commercials, Covers, Fiction, Interviews, Live performances, Memorabilia, Movies, Recordings, Reviews, Sound clips and Theatre), but I'll be more than glad to take any of your suggestions into account. I've also dumped the iTunes links as well as the Google ads (I don't imagine any of you will shed a tear over this), but I've decided to keep the Amazon links, as they make the occasional giveaway possible.


Brian said...

Hi All,

Thought you might be interested in this news tidbit.



Jitterbug Boy on Beatnik Beach Radio Show -- 3/11/07 (From 10 a.m. to Noon US Pacific Time)

Dear Friends and Regulars,

LOS ANGELES, March 6 -- This week’s episode of Beatnik Beach features special guest Paul Body, a Los Angeles scenester who will regale our audience with stories from three generations of Los Angeles bohemia. Body will include special attention on ’50s rhythm & blues records from L.A.’s Central Avenue, plus a showcase of cuts from his spoken-word album “Love Like Rasputin,” a disc of journal entries from 1965 about the emergent Sunset Strip rock ’n’ roll nightclub scene, the Watts Riots and the death of Malcolm X. Also dig our extended segment devoted to the Jitterbug Boys -- a Hollywood crew of street-corner hipsters immortalized in Tom Waits’ classic “Jitterbug Boy (Sharing a Curbstone with Chuck E. Weiss, Robert Marchese, Paul Body and the Mug and Artie).” If you’ve ever wondered who these characters are, Paul Body will answer this and more questions about Tom Waits and bluesman Chuck E. Weiss in the 1970s. He will also spin records from his own ’70s rock ’n’ roll/R&B group, the Sheiks of Shake.

To catch the show, tune into LuxuriaMusic.com from 10 a.m. to Noon (US Pacific Time) on Sunday, March 11, 2007.

Signing up for LuxuriaMusic.com is FREE. Create a log-in name and password, then click the “Listen” tab on the front page. I hope you all can tune in.

Like, Gone…

Brian Chidester
DJ/Host, Beatnik Beach

DrPod said...

The new layout's great.

bitxuverinosa said...

thank you for the maquina de huesos space, eyeball kid!