Monday, March 12, 2007

Q's finest voices

The April issue of Q Magazine lists the 100 Greatest Singers & their 1.000 Greatest Songs. Tom Waits is placed at number 75.

Q's take on Mr. Waits:
There is no one who croaks quite like him. He's been covered by Rod Stewart
and Johnny Cash. Bob Dylan called him one of his "secret heroes". Latterly,
Muse's Matt Bellamy proclaimed him the finest lyricist ever. But a great
singer? Tom Waits has always blurred the line between musician and
ranconteur: his earliest performances, at LA's Troubadour club, were
spoken-word affairs. When he did 'sing', it was with a grizzled,
whisky-fogged growl. But what he lacked in finesse he made up for in
authenicity. To hear him wheeze through Downtown Train is to hear a man
who's experienced all the pain life has to offer

Key songs

1. Romeo Is Bleeding
2. Blue Valentine
3. Underground
4. Downtown Train
5. Jockey Full Of Bourbon
6. Temptation
7. Hang On St. Christopher
8. Earth Died Screaming
9. Jersey Girl
10. The Black Rider

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