Thursday, August 23, 2007

Scarlett talks about covering Waits

An excerpt from a Scarlett Johansson interview published in USA Today:

Johansson says she feels a bit guilty about her upcoming album because it just fell in her lap. Warner Bros. reps heard her sing on Eric Vetro's album Unexpected Dreams, in which actors perform, and offered her a contract.

"A lot of friends I have are musicians," she says, "and here I'm given this bullion on a plate. I had friends who would kill for that."

Singing has long been in her repertoire, she says.

"When I first started acting as a kid, I wanted to be on Broadway and do musical theater. Some time after puberty, I lost any of that desire to be a musical star on stage."

She had planned on Cole Porter standards with a Waits song.

"Then we decided I would just do all Tom Waits songs."

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john larson said...

I'm wondering if anyone else out there has heard the new song by Over the Rhine called "Don't Wait for Tom." It's on their recently released album, "The Trumpet Child" and, when taken along with their mention of Tom Waits in the liner notes (as well as the play on his name in the song title), it's an interesting nod to the one whose "triple-jointed juke fingers splay like a scarecrow."