Thursday, October 11, 2007

Under review - 1983-2006 is selling a new Waits dvd: Tom Waits - Under review 1983-2006, a Chrome Dreams release.

Chrome Dreams claims this 80 minute documentary film ,,looks again at these records, and the man who made them, and in doing so provides the most enlightening, revealing and downright entertaining Tom Waits documentary yet to emerge''.
Features include
Tom Waits performances re-assessed by a panel of esteemed experts Rare interviews, seldom seen footage and unusual photographs from the period Review, comment and criticism from; Waits producer Bones Howe; Tom Waits’ official biographer, Patrick Humphries; ex-editor of Rolling Stone magazine, Anthony DeCurtis;Village Voice music editor, Robert Christgau; highly respected British music journalist and author, Barney Hoskins (Mojo, NME); Uncut magazine’s Nigel Williamson; Time Out magazine music editor Andrew Mueller, and musician and author Chris Roberts Footage of and comment on Waits’ most notable musical influences during the period Live and studio recordings of Waits classics such as; Downtown Train, In The Neighbourhood, Straight To The Top, Innocent When You Dream, Earth Dies Screaming, Clap Hands, Alice, Hoist That Rag and many others.

If you are thinking about buying this, it might be wise to consider the Chrome Dreams release Tom Waits - Under review - 1971-1982 met with mixed reviews, to say the least.

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Nigel Smith said...

I thought the first Chrome Dreams DVD was pretty good. Decent clips and interviewees, including Bones Howe.