Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Renfield's death

I recently mentioned the release of A two disc 'collectors edition' of Bram Stoker's Dracula. I haven't seen this dvd, but Belgian newspaper De Standaard today claims the extra's contain the death scene of Renfield (played by Tom Waits). I don't remember this being in the original theatrical release - although I could be mistaken.

UPDATE: "Renfield's death was in the original. It involved Renfield being hurled around his
cell by whispy plumes of smoke and banging into the bars and walls." (Neil)
UPDATE 2: "I can say without a doubt that Renfield's death was never part of the theatrical release. I also have the Superbit DVD version of the film, and I'm certain it wasn't included on there either." (Kevin)


Anonymous said...


I remember the scene mentioned in the first update. But I saw the movie on television.

Matlock said...

i've said it before. more tom waits. less kwanu (sic) reeves and winona ryder...

Drunk Country said...

Tom Waits Special (The WAITSing Room) on The Waiting Room radio show (last Wednesday) can be listened to here:


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