Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Tour rumours

I usually try and refrain from posting rumours without having some sort of confirmation from a more or less reliable source and that is why you haven't been reading too much about a possible tour the next few months. Talk about a summer US and/or European is becoming increasingly stronger, but as far as I know, nothing is definite yet.

The only thing I do know, is that Tom Waits' people are 'holding all their options open'. Feel free to draw your own conclusions.

That being said, I don't mind sharing some of the things I've been hearing and reading:

According to webpaper The Washington Independent Tom Waits' publicist has confirmed there will be a summer tour (a story that was picked up by Pitchfork)

El País talks about Waits as one of the big names to be announced shortly, but the paper admits most of these rumours are fueled more by wishful thinking than by reality.

Another (unconfirmed) story that has been doing the rounds, is that guitar player Dave Alvin has been signed to accompany mr. Waits during an upcoming tour.

André Ménard, Spectra Artistic Director of the Montreal Jazzfest & Highlights Festival confirms the festival has 'put in an offer, as usual'. Be he also confirms 'he (i.e. Tom Waits) won’t make up his mind six months in advance, or one month in advance'.

Again: none of the above has been confirmed, as far as I know.

UPDATE: the Irish Times even takes a stab at possible dates: '...a possibile show from Tom Waits, who is touring Europe this summer - and June really is the month of the old codgers'. My guess is even Mr. Waits did know about this, so let us hope he reads the Irish Times.

(thanks to everyone who has sent in anything)


Jordi V. Pou said...

I've got my fingers crossed since the day the tour rumors included Spain. Please Tom maybe it's time, time, time to play in Spain for your very first time.

Catalonia, where I live, is a world known good wine producers zone, like around your own home. So if you visit us I'm sure you will feel like home.

Also Tom, if you want and have some time, send me a message and I will guide you around here.

Switchboard said...

I think we all read the Irish Times.

BigMikeyJ said...

Name the place Mr. Waits. I will be there.