Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ticket info

A summary of the ticket sales tomorrow, including the information that was distributed by Tom Waits' tour manager:

Tickets will only be sold via the internet and by phone and are limited to two per person.

Ticketmaster is handling the shows everywhere, except for Tulsa, St. Louis and Knoxville.

Tulsa is, St. Louis is and Knoxville is

Gettix, Metrotix and Knoxvillticktets allow you to pre-register. Although this is not strictly necessary (you can probably do this during the actual purchase procedure), but maybe it is not a bad idea to avoid making mistakes in the heat of the fight tomorrow. The same goes for the Ticketmaster account, which you might want to consider making in advance.

Tulsa and Knoxville will be old fashioned will call, just like last tour. You go to the box office, show your ID, pick up your ticket envelope, and go right in. For these non-Ticketmaster cities, it is suggested you arrive a little early.

The St Louis show is partially will call, the seats towards the back will be in the hands of buyers. The better seats will be will call only.

The Dallas show is all General Admission. Doors will open early for this show.

Ticketmaster is putting up all of the shows today on their website. It's taking some extra time to get it right, but all the shows are still on.

All of the shows are at 8 PM (or whenever everyone's in), and there's no opening act.

Regarding the scalper / ticket broker sites: These guys are speculating that they are going to somehow get tickets, and will be able to re-sell them. No tickets have been released from the system, so what's being advertised does not exist. For example, the broker sites are advertising specific rows for the Dallas show, which is all General Admission. Additionally, the entry program is strict, so don't waste hundreds of dollars on a ticket only to be refused entry into the venue.

An updated list of dates, venues and links at

Good luck tomorrow.

And a big thank you to Stuart.


Jordi V. Pou said...

As we are still waiting here for European tour dates, and our problems on ticket day, god luck to all of you in the USA.

will said...

Here's some glitter to go with the doom: Big Ups to the "Kid" for putting all this together. As to ticket pricing (see other posts): These prices are avg. if not on the cheap side for these size venues and this artist. Most of us are starving artists ourselves and/or off the grid (I am using a friend's cc) so the pricing seems high. This pricing has been around for over 10yrs. Remember everyone gets a cut: Venue, band, transportation. So to Tom and the Gang: Thanks for the encore tour of the South and keeping the scalping wolves at bay. I don't expect this post to change the dark hearts but all doom and no glitter just did not fit the tour title

April said...

It is taking TM FOREVER to put the Houston show up. I'm grateful to Stuart for his efforts to keep my brain from spinning out into space, otherwise I would be sure I was missing some important information.
I'm all for glitter, but TM seems to be into "dazzle camouflage." Hope the anti-scalper plan really works: I saw TW at SXSW in 99 and it was almost all fans (Hooray!) except for the two rows of music critics right up front.
Good luck tomorrow!

Jarlath said...

Houston is up on the Ticketmaster page now

Joshua Cohen said...

Looks like the Phoenix shows are now $90 instead of $96. With ticket prices as high as they are every dollar counts. :P

AaronFlux said...

I'll be flying out to Phoenix for this.

small hat said...

unrelated to these posts. does anyone seem worried about this omar torrez? i've been checking out his material, and it's extremely corny. granted, he appears to be an amazing guitar talent, and I suppose
Waits will extract what he needs to fit his sound. But, undoubtedly, there must be others he could've chosen over this doush bag. I mean no one was really happy about Duke at the last tour, right?

Joshua Cohen said...

IMPORTANT: There is an error on the Kid's list for the Phoenix concerts. It says tickets will go on sale at 12PM Noon Pacific but the ticketmaster site reads "Fri, 05/16/08 12:00 PM MST." Mountain Standard Time. So I would suggest anyone planning on waiting in the cyber line to get Phoenix tickets be ready at 12 MST instead of Pacific, if only as a precaution.

Jefferson said...

I got lucky and got two orchestra seats for Knoxville! I'm sooooo stoked!!