Thursday, June 12, 2008

Best alternative rock band

Rob O'Connor compiled a list of 'Best alternative rock bands of the 1990's' (including solo acts) for his Yahoo music blog. And the #1 spot is taken by a certain man we all know and love: 'Every picture tells a story but the man is so brilliantly out of focus that the picture becomes an afterthought'.

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pad9 said...

funny he puts tom as #1, even though he quite clearly states that in order to be on the list the artist had to have their start in the 90's.

i also wonder why he says 'smashing pumpkins arent alternative, theyre queen' when he has bands on there that are clearly not 'alternative'. not that i dislike queen- if queen were 90's theyd be called alternative.

tom and the smashing pumpkins are my 2 fav artists, but this guy is just all over the place when deciding what goes on the list and what doesnt.