Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Phoenix setlist (first night)

The Orpheum Theater, Phoenix, Az.
June 17, 2008

Lucinda / Aint't going down to the well no more
Hoist That Rag
Come On Up to the House
Jesus Gonna Be Here
Black Market Baby
Rain Dogs
Trampled Rose
Goin’ Out West
Murder in the Red Barn
Anywhere I Lay My Head
Cemetery Polka
Get Behind the Mule
Eyeball Kid
Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis [TW on piano]
Picture in a Frame [TW on piano]
Invitation to the Blues [TW on piano]
Innocent When You Dream [TW on piano]
Lie To Me
Chocolate Jesus
Make It Rain

Way Down in the Hole
God’s Away On Business

Larry Taylor was not part of the band. He was replaced by bass player Seth Ford-Young, who played on some of the tracks on Orphans.

You can find a comprehensive review of the show at Dylan, Etc. Rolling Stone also has a review on line: 'Tom Waits Spins Yarns, Sings About Jesus at Tour Opener'.

Plenty of pictures can be found over at Pictchfork.


And the first video has appeared on YouTube:

More (and better I might add) Youtube video's here, here and here (courtesy of Sushi-X).


Matlock said...

Great show.

Lucinda also included Leadbelly's Ain't Goin' Down to The Well

Rain Dogs also included Russian Dance instrumental from The Black Rider

Jordi V. Pou said...

Nice Beginning. It's great to know the tour is on, but I'm not sure how can I wait till mid july to see him.

Let me make a wish for the Barcelona Setlist: All the world is Green. If you are there reading Mr Waits please try to include this great song.

And to anyone in the show yesterday: How was it ?

jerseyraindog said...

Fantastic setlist. I note no new songs then... bring on Paris!

Bethany said...

This only hypes me up more for Columbus. Oh Lordy, I can't wait!

Wayne1234 said...

Is there a raindog meeting place for before and after the Columbus show.

Andrusko said...

I'm heading to Dallas from Minneapolis for the show.
Are people gathering anywhere before the show?

Anonymous said...

AHHH! He played 4 of my all time favorites. I hope they are repeats for Knoxville...

Andrew Kirell said...

what a setlist. i hope we get something like that in ohio!

Anonymous said...

that is a really, really fantasti setlist. i sure hope he doesn't change it too much for europe!

Zev said...
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Zev said...

Some photos at:


Anonymous said...

i am off course aware that t-shirts isn't exactly something tom waits wants to produce, but do they sell anything at all at the shows, like posters etc.?

Burntfaced Jake said...

On the last euro tour of 2004 75% of the set seemed to be consistent each night with the remaining 25% differing. It would be good to see some similar variations on this tour. In some press release or other it was stated that some songs would be played that had never been attempred live before - can't wait to see what he performs on the US dates and to see whether he changes stuff around for Europe or sticks with the same formula. Either way it'll be brilliant, I'm sure.

Matlock said...

Great Pitchfork pics!

answer to merch question:
tour t-shirts with one of tom's oil stain pictures, 'true confessions' interview chapbook, posters and cds were on sale

Anonymous said...

Yay for merch at these shows!

muted limb said...

I saw this show, the opening night show, and was wondering if anyone else thought the crowd was insanely rowdy or rude. It was my first Tom Waits show and the show itself was amazing, but the crowd was never silent between songs or while he talked. Even Waits seemed off put by the crowd, and I even think we lost out on a second encore because of a few folks. Waits and band were outstanding. Anyone hoping for a great show will get something far beyond that. For Waits concert veterans who were present last night, was this a typical crowd? Opening night enthusiasm? Am I wrong? Thanks to Eyeball Kid for this blog. I probably wouldn't have been able to get tickets without it.

muted limb said...
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Mike said...

muted limb,
thanks for sharing! Sounds like you've still enjoyed it. We'll try to be (a little) better behaved in Columbus, won't we?

JohnHemlock said...
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Chris said...

Nice show. To correct a previous comment, there were no posters for sale. But, yes, there were tee shirts (grey or white $25), "True Confessions" chapbook $7, and various cds that all of you probably own already.

JohnHemlock said...

Show was great last night but there were idiots in the crowd. People who yell requests at Tom are fools and should be stabbed in the liver but at least he takes it in good humor. If you think you have a deep personal connection with the guy, send him fan mail but don't wreck the show by screaming at the guy while he is doing his job!

cracka said...

I was there and it was awe inspiring. He is at the top of his game.

I have seen Waits 5 or 6 times before (all in San Francisco or LA) and the crowd yelling is always like that. I think Tom expects it and gets juiced by it. He has some great comebacks. The only time he seem put off was when some idiot was on a walky talky near the stage. He took care of that right away.

The backup band was great, particularly the horn/harmonica player (I didn't catch his name - not Ralph Carney), the guitarist and keyboard player.

You are all in for a FANTASTIC treat.

Kirk said...

most of us traveled some distance for the show so yayhoos shrieking throughout the show were a disappointment, particularly the jackass with the walkie-talkie.

Great show, tho. I'll be there again tonight!

gmartinz said...
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gmartinz said...

Dear Lord...that is an amazing setlist.

When's the last time a Waits tour stopped in SF? I missed out on Bridge School last year and want to see this guy before he croaks.

b-Zen said...

Saw the first night. First Waits show for me. Drove from LA. It was everything I ever hoped for and more. The best of the late 70's Tropicana/Dukes era ("Invitation to the Blues" and "Christmas Card From a Hooker In Minneapolis"), the best of Raindogs ("Cemetary Polka" and "Raindogs"), and of course the dramatic end.... "Way Down in the Hole" and "Time". I really feel like I can die now. Even the annoying hecklers were destroyed by Tom left and right. One example:
Heckler: "You look great! Yeah!!" Tom: "So do you pal, in the dark."
Another example: "Tom HFSFJJH???(some crazy inaudible question directed at him)"
Tom: "What's that?!?"
Heckler: "haanne errrina jciwek???? (still inaudible)
Tom: "Alright alright buddy. We can go on like this... not at these prices."

I think the "guy with the walkie talkie" everybody is referring to was a security guard with the thing turned up. God I hope that's all it was. I can't imagine some idiot fan thinking he was playing along with Tom by broadcasting noise during "Innocent When You Dream".

None of that mattered. The show was brilliant.

b-Zen said...

Eyeball Kid: Were you there the first show? I was thinking of ya during "Eyeball Kid", It sounded great. What's your take on Omar? I was a little disappointed, but my love goes deep for Ribot and Gore.

5 cent said...

Yeah! That show was so Great! Drove 11 hours each way to be there and it was well worth it!

kmartini said...

Went to both the 1st night in Phoenix and the El Paso show and am lucky enough to travel for work and just end up on the same route as Tom. Will be at the last U.S. show in Atlanta. Here are my reviews and a few videos.


El Paso


carmencarmen said...

going to the jacksonville and birmingham concerts. I think it would be cool to meet for pre concert beverages etc. is there any such event possible in either location?

H. said...

Does anyone know Tom's setlist for last year's Bridge School Benefit?

H. said...

Does anyone know Tom's set list for last year's Bridge School Benefit?

kmartini said...

It was (maybe not in order) Way Down In The Hole, Cold Cold Ground, Little Drop of Poison, The Part You Throw Away, God's Away On Business, Day After Tomorrow, What Keeps Mankind Alive, and Diamond In Your Mind. Same set both days.

six06 said...

muted limb,

sorry you had that experience. houston was lucky ... he played at jones hall, a place reserved usually for the symphony. the audience was great and quickly shut up when tom spoke.