Saturday, July 05, 2008

Atlanta setlist

Fox Theatre, Atlanta, Ga.
July 5, 2008

Lucinda / Take me down to the well (or was it Ain't Going Down to the Well?)
Down in the hole
Falling down
Chocolate Jesus
All the world is green
Cemetery Polka
Cause of it all / 'Til the money runs out
Such a scream
Hold on
Black market baby
9th and Hennepin
Lie to me
Lucky day
On the nickel
Lost in the harbour
Innocent when you dream
Hoist that rag
Make it rain
Dirt in the ground
Get behind the mule
Hang down your head
Jesus gonna be here

Eyeball Kid
Anywhere I lay my head


I want to take the opportunity to thank Shane who provided us with most of the setlists. And all of you who contacted me with additional information. This blog wouldn't be what it is without you. Thank you.

Some video clips from Atlanta:

On the nickle

Make it rain


John said...

9th and Hennepin was AMAZING. Wow.

Charlie said...

Columbus still appears to be the only place so far that managed to squeeze out 2 encores. I wish he had played On The Nickel in Columbus though, I would've loved to hear that live.

dismalday said...

Many, Many thanks and much respect to "The EyeBall Kid" for producing this site and keeping us posted as to Tom Waits' comings and goings. Because of this site, I was able to see the opening show in Phoenix and three days later the El Paso show. My last viewing of Waits was about 35 years ago at the Wiltern and have yearned to see once again before slipping this mortal coil. Am considering myself honored to be in the company of so many devotees of this, the finest specimen of an art form. Having the set lists of every stop only enhances the memories. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Roll on the European Leg!!

Joshua W said...

The show was amazing. Make it Rain and Eyeball kid seemed to last for a glorious forever. They were both amazing. I thought we had a good chance for a second encore, the lights stayed off for a while giving everyone hope but I guess it was a little too late since some people couldn't seem to show up on time causing us to start an hour late.

Andrew Kirell said...

Other than the playing of "Hold On" in Atlanta, and "You Can Never Hold Back Spring" at another show, I am pretty satisfied with how the Columbus set looks in comparison to the others on the tour.

trickgnosis said...

You all might find this funny: it seems that Mr. Waits had been reading the comments here on Eyeball Kid (or someone had told him about them) because he mentioned the bit about the $300,000 watch that someone posted after the Alabama show. He found it amusing and ridiculous, showing the crowd the watch in question and explaining that he paid $9.99 at CVS.

And correct me if I'm wrong but the Atlanta show did not seem as plagued by annoying audience members as some of the other shows.

It was a great show.

And to add my two cents to a previous debate: I thought Omar Torres did a much better job with the songs than Duke did on the last tour. Ribot will always be *the* Tom Waits guitar player, but Torres really surprised me. And Vincent Henry was stupendous.

A great show.

The Eyeball Kid said...

@trickgnosis: cool...!

Jeff said...

The show was amazing... 9th and Hennepin was definitely a highlight.

Lucky Day and November both in the same night holy crap that was great.

And to the guy who said the show seemed less plagued by annoying people then other shows... well I wasn't at other shows but the crowd was much better than the Atlanta show two years ago.

kmartini said...

So sad it's over in the U.S. So happy I caught 3 shows! I think Atlanta might've been the best I saw...

Kristie said...

Thank you Eyeball Kid. I've been enjoying this blog since the tour started. My husband and I got to see him in Jacksonville and I was completely in awe. I would have appreciated a less annoying audience, but what can you do? I'm so thankful I got to see him.

kmartini said...
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kmartini said...

Thank you Eyeball Kid, this blog has been a great way to kill time between shows! I have seen hundreds of bands, but the 3 shows I caught on this tour have been the highlight of the past 15 years. Overall I got to see Tom perform 42 different songs in 3 amazing venues. I have been debating whether the first night in Phoenix or the last night in Atlanta was the best show. In Atlanta the band was definitely tighter, the audience well behaved (I am still not sure how I weigh in on this issue, on one hand I hate the people who yell the same song out throughout the show, but on the other I kinda missed the banter between Tom and the audience)..and I loved the eyeball skit during Eyeball Kid...but there was just something special about the first night of the tour. Set lists were very comparable…both nights were brilliant. El Paso was my least favorite of the 3 and still ranks #3 on my best shows ever! Anyway...good times! To all of those in Europe…I envy that it’s just getting started for you! Enjoy!

Trampled Frank said...

The first night in phoenix was sooooo amazing. Im still on a high from that show. Changed my life to see the man in person & live.
Thank you Tom Waits

also eyeball kid for this great info and site.

Dan said...

I wanna extend my gratitude to the Eyeball Kid as well...thanks for doing what you do...even though you were born without a body or a brow.

bivester (bill ivester) said...
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bivester (bill ivester) said...

yes, many thanks to the eyeball kid for this great space.

just back in to louisville, and still on a great post show buzz.

the show was incredible, great set, the acoustics in the fox are amazing and the mix was perfect, kudos to the guy running the sbd.

i'm w/"9th and hennepin" as "the" highlight, but "chocolate jesus, hold on & get behind the mule" were pretty amazing and pretty close seconds. the "innocent when you/hoist that rag/innocent when dream, make it rain" trifecta was pretty damn sweet. and regardless of your beliefs, if you weren’t ready to shout a big, loud "AMEN" after he took us to church with "jesus gonna be here" then you weren’t breathing.

hell, there wasn't a single lowlight/mediocre moment in the night. it was tom waits!

it was pretty cool, driving back out of town last night, just for the helluva it, i detoured down piedmont, past the old “broadview plaza” and blew a kiss and said a “thank you” to the corner where the old “great southeast music hall” once sat. for that was where, 30+ years ago, i was fortunate enough to see tom waits perform for the first time and was introduced to the genius that is tom waits. and i’ve been hooked since.

A said...

Thanks, Eyeball Kid for this list!!

To Josh W, about the late start of the conversation with some folks at the airport this afternoon, it would seem that it was due to ticket issues, credit cards not being properly scanned, valid reservations coming up void, people not having the right ID, etc. All of the stuff that can possibly go wrong because of the strict and unusual door policy. I wouldn't be too bitter over it. I for one was terrified something like that would happen to me. It was my first Tom Waits show and I've been waiting a lifetime to see it.

And it was the stuff of legend. I am still on a major high. What an awesome performance in the most beautiful venue I've ever seen!!

pwood said...

I still can't believe I've seen Tom Waits twice in less than 2 years.

bivester (bill ivester) said...

i just posted a "full" review and a few "stealth" pics @

Steve said...

I went to Birmingham the other night and then saw the Atlanta show last night. The more I think about that show and reflect on it, the more incredible it was. His showmanship, his voice, that band -- absolutely stellar. I got a few minutes of Make It Rain on video which I posted on youtube -- Stay with it a few seconds....the angle gets corrected. I also have almost all of Ninth and Hennepin, which I'm trying to correct. I've seen hundreds of concerts in the past 25 years, and this, I have to say, was the best musical experience of my life.

Rawbinson said...

Sorry if I missed this in the post somewhere, but is the song "Cause of it all" referring to "Gun Street Girl"?

Dan said...

no, 'cause of it all' is referring to the howlin' wolf sonf tom often pairs with 'til the money runs out'.

Mark said...

was this the only show that larry taylor was able to play?

show was incredible, I consider myself very lucky to have seen him in columbus and atlanta, both great great shows

Brad Merritt said...

Thanks for posting this. The show was truly amazing.

GinaSuperCat said...
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queendana said...

My husband and I flew to Atlanta from Connecticut for the show, it was my first time seeing Tom Waits, and I can't even really YET put to words how effing amazing it was. I didn't mind waiting, I refused to get up to go to the bathroom, and the set list was absolutely perfect.

Ginasupercat: ha, I was kind of waiting for him to tell the rest of that story, too!

What a great place to see a show.

El Rayo said...

The riddle of the truly ridiculous purchase? I believe it was Henry Ford's dying breath, caught in a coke bottle, purchased on Ebay.

kmartini said...

GinaSuperCat: At the Bridge School shows in California, he spoke about how he was obsessed with buying things off EBay. He bought parrot diapers and even though he didn't have a parrot, he was planning on buying one someday. But the most expensive purchase he made was "the last breath of Henry Ford trapped in a Coke bottle....I don't think I overpaid...$500,000?" It's just a guess, but I think he was going to tell us that story.

ggalaxy65 said...
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mike said...

Great show in Atlanta - anybody know if that was a glass harmonica he played on Lost on the harbor?

GTJDorris said...

@ Joshua W:

Just so you know the problem with the start was not people being late, but rather the paperless ticket system. Hundreds of us were told our credit cards could not scan and sent down the block to wait in line for over an hour to get the thing straightened out. I could vent more on the 1000 or so words I've already written about how poorly run the paperless tickets were, but so you know we were out there begging the Fox staff to have them hold the opening because we had purchased tickets in advance, arrived in advance, and attempted to have our ticketing problems resolved in advance. This was a Ticketma$ter problem in execution of this awful paperless ticket scheme.

Squid said...

Finally got to see the Master.
I'm still buzzing from the Atlanta show.
Flight back to New York was delayed 6 hrs. yesterday, but I'm still happy.
Played some favs- dirt in the ground-chocojesus-on the nickel-innocent-hold on-world is green-
Met Tom in the elevator at the hotel. Told him what a big fan I was & if he would be so kind to take a picture.
He said, "sure!" & I handed him my camera and smiled.
He looked at me and said "what are you doing?"
I said, "I gonna tell everyone that "Tom Waits" took this picture of me!"
He started pulling my I'm pulling yours.

manic mechanic said...

The show was excellent. I'm a longtime fan and this was my first time seeing Tom Waits perform. I lucked out hearing on the radio that tickets would be going on sale at 10 am that day and that he wasn't coming anywhere near New York. So I took the plunge and bought tickets for the Atlanta show. All the songs were great but if I could have heard any of Tom Traubert's Blues, Invitation to the Blues, I Can't Wait to Get Off Work, Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis, Hang Down Your Head or Picture in a Frame in addition to what he played well then I would be beyond ecstatic.

Who was the young guy who played a different kind of percussion instrument on one song and then played clarinet on another song?

I thought Tom introduced him as Sullivan Waits. Was it his younger son?

Thanks for all you do, Eyeball Kid!

Squid said...

Grazie Waits sight on the web
us disciples will carry on the torch.
check out:

Ren Hoek said...

just a quick comment about the paperless ticket system. The same thing happened at the Tabernacle show 2 yrs ago, line ran all the way around the block and back to the ticket booth. They held the show an hour then too. The Fox was actually better due to the card scanners, the people looking up your tickets by hand according to last name really slowed it all down last time.

Squid said...

I believe the show was supposed to start at 9, as it did. There was no delay. Tom gave us time to get in, relax & have a few drinks. A show not to be rushed.
There was no line at the entrance around the corner.
Walked in at 8:40, 2 minutes to get in, at 7 to get a shot & a Beer. Perfect!

Joshua W said...

@ GTJDorris:

That makes more sense. I couldn't imagine people being late to see Mr. Waits. Thanks for the additional info.

Jani said...

Tom Waits in Atlanta was (and will be) the best concert ever! I've been a fan more than ten years and I already thought that I'm not gonna see him alive. Only thing bothering was the audience (part of it, actually) who probably thought that they are at the Braves game. I rather listen Tom than some suckers who are whistling, yelling, cheering, shouting in every other second. That was really annoying... But it was Tom Waits show and it's all that matters.

Highlights to me were "Dirt in the Ground" (my favorite Tom Waits song), "Hoist that Rag", "9th and Hennepin" and "Innocent When You Dream". Nothing from my favorite album Swordfishtrombone though...

akadannyboy said...

Thanks so much to the eyeball kid for all the Waits new and info.I was lucky enough to get to see 2 shows on this tour,but was terribly
disappointed in the lack of enthusiasm from the audiences. If you can't get off your lazy ass and stand and applaud this truly gifted man/poet/musician for, what I consider,once in a lifetime performances,then maybe you should sit your fat ass at home and play his c.d.'s on your record player. How in the hell can anyone sit in their seat when Tom's ripping up Chocolate Jesus/Down In The Hole/ Lie To Me et al?I was especially embarrassed for the Atlanta crowd, for they didn't have sense enough to be embarrassed for themselves. Anyone sitting down for the Eyeball Kid>Anywhere I Lay My Head
encores had to be lame in spirit, if not physically lame.They managed
to stand and applaud ONCE after the grand piano set, and once more after Singapore when the band left the stage.
Do you people not realize,the audience has the power to drive the musicians to even greater heights?That's your responsibility and you fell miserably short in Atlanta and Knoxville, I hope Tom got more support from the rest of the tour.Who knows?Maybe they just don't get out enough to know how to act at a concert.

Michael W said...

mmmmm what a show

a friend and i drove down from New York and it was worth every cent we spent on gas

highlight for me, was oddly, lost in the harbor ... it was so great

thanks for the setlist

Carmen said...

My wife and I flew down to Atlanta from Philly. Worth every dollar. I only wish I saw more shows on this tour. I met some great people from DC and LA at the show. Thanks Tom fro the fantastic show.

bivester (bill ivester) said...
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bivester (bill ivester) said...

personally, i don't think the atlanta crowd was "lazy-assed," disappointing or lacked enthusiasm. i thought the crowd was great and very appreciative and respectful. there were numerous standing ovations and loud, extended applause accompanied virtually every song. and, was a seated venue afterall.

yeah, there was some screaming in between songs, but nothing overwhelming (that i heard anyway) or out-of-line, mostly good natured stuff.

i stood, whistled, yelled and clapped a helluva lot and sure enjoyed the evening and it seemed like everyone around me did too.

and from where i was sitting, it sure didn't look like tom lacked any enthusasiam or inspiration either. to me, it looked like he was having a great time and i would think a 2 1/2 hour show might confirm that.

mike said...

Mr. Dannyboy must have been at a different show than the one I saw in Atlannta. There were numerous standing ovations and the gifted performer was clearly perceiving, receiving and reciprocating the adulation. The rave-up version of Singapore that ended the show with Mr. Waits wrapped tightly in his suit and his hat pulled over his head was magical a thank you as we could hope for. I certainly agree a crowd can encourage an artist but most civilized people are not interested in a drunken barn dance and, frankly, most performers do not want or need excessive yelling and screaming to alert them of an engaged audience. Certainly an artist with Mr. Waits' extensive performance history would be annoyed crass and boorish behavior - such as insulting people you do not know with rude language.

Rhett said...

I could have sworn that Mr. Waits played "Never Let Go" from the second Orphans disc, but its not listed here. Anyone else hear this, or am I imagining things?

Kendall said...

The crowd at the Atlanta show was probably the best audience of any show I've ever been to. If you think being respectfully quiet during songs and not standing up (in a sit-down theater) to block others' view equals laziness or a lack of enthusiasm, then I hope we aren't near each other at future shows. Tom performs in these theaters because his shows are theatrical. You wouldn't stand up and scream at a Broadway show. The audience in Atlanta (at least where I was near the front) understood what to do. They were quiet during songs and poured out their appreciation between. I don't think Tom felt slighted at all. In fact, when the crowd gave a lengthy standing ovation after 9th & Hennepin, he actually let out a laugh that seemed to indicate surprise at how much appreciation he was getting for just that one number.

On a different note, I haven't seen any comments regarding the Chaplinesque Eyeball Kid mime routine near the end. Definitely one of my favorite highlights, especially since I'd never heard of him doing this before. Just proof of what a showman he is.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the negative banter is because we all wish we were on a boat to Europe! If you were in the show in Atlanta or anywhere else this tour it was a good dont need to break it down until it looks worn, TW live is an experience, if you had a bad might want to look at you-- not Tom-- or the crowd!

Squid said...

Yeah, I wanna be in Spain right now getting ready for the next show.The crowd was fine. Maybe it's a love-hate thing.
We love TW but want more!
3 shows in Dublin & none in NY? Whassup wid dat?
Hope he adds a surprise show during a layover at Kennedy.

inabillity said...

my theory is that he deliberately planned his tour according to what cities he wanted to visit with his family and show his kids. 3 days in dublin? he wants more time there so that they can do some sightseeing. not so strange when you think of it that way.

akadannyboy said...

To be clear inre:lack of enthusiasm
We've been touring hard core,pretty
much since 1969 when I got out of the navy,and I've seen musicians, from Hendrix and Allmans,to the Band on the Last Waltz tour, to nearly 300 Grateful Dead shows, to nowadays, Keller Williams and Phil Lesh and John Scofield. I've seen how those people react to a REAL ROARING crowd. It's the reward
the crowd gets in turn that I'm looking for. I feel I'm qualified to recognize there weren't over 30 people in the orchestra center or center right sections in atlanta, who actually stood up to applaud any song until the piano set. It's like they were discouraged by all the sitters. It was a fantastic show put on by Tom Waits, for me personally, it would've been even better if they ripped the seats out of the fox theatre(except for the handicapped and infirm of course).Regardless, I'd go there again to see Waits, or anywhere else he might play,and if the dollar weren't so weak, I'd be making plans to go to Dublin right now. I wouldn't give a hoot if they stood or sat over there, I was just remarking on how could you "sit and clap" after any aongs Waits played saturday nite?Are you tired? Your feet hurt?Or do you see so many great bands that it just takes more to move you?
I spent 31 years walking in railroad rock, I'm knocking on 60 yrs old, but I ain't tired(or lame)

Squid said...
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Squid said...

kudos to DannyBoy...I'm 50 & stayed in row oo for all of 2 songs before I move up.
Old Guys Rule!
As a taper, I can't stand clappers & sing- alongers.
Also hooters & hollerers. I did not pay $100 to hear my neighbor sing TW.
People in general , just don't know how to be part of an audience, They're to anxious to become a mob mentallity. But I don't remember the Atlanta crowd as being obnoxious. I was too into the show & buzzin' anyway.
I'd be in Europe but I'm going to Chile(Valle Nevado) next week to ski.....yeah baby!!!!!!!!!!

Squid said...

6 hours ahead...........where you from Eyeball?

kmartini said...

Took some quick video of Hold On and Jesus Gonna Be Here in Atlanta, uploading to youtube now.

Some other clips I took in El Paso and the first night in Phoenix as well.

The Eyeball Kid said...

@squid: Gent, Belgium

Mike M said...

The crowd in Jacksonville was similar in some respects, standing ovations from many during certain songs, with a few lamebrains making their presence known, but overall seemed to me to be a LOT more into the show than in 2006. Maybe the "first night" excitement of the Tabernacle back then set everyone off, but I liked this venue AND presentation better. To the Eyeball Kid:Keep up the good work, Belgium ,eh? At least we KNOW you are drinking GOOD BEER!! Have a "Westy 12" on us(if you can get it!) Mike and Janet:)

ab said...

how about telephone call from istanbul? it seems you have the band for it this time round.
one of my favourites from big time show.
lets have plenty of tales about edinburgh.
also did you hear about the woman who found a bat in her bra and thought it was her mobile phone vibrating... swear to god...

Anonymous said...

It doesn't get any better than TW, no matter the venue or what he sings. Two years ago I flew to Cleveland for the midnight show (that started at 1:30 a.m.) and was as sober as a judge; but am still intoxicated here two years later. Wow. Thanks Tom.