Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Barcelona setlist (second night)

Another attempt at a setlist - as always: feel free to comment.

Forum, Barcelona, Spain
July 15, 2008

Lucinda/Ain’t Going Down To The Well No More
Way Down In The Hole
Faling Down
Poor Edward
I’ll Shoot The Moon
Cemetery Polka
All The World Is Green
Get Behind The Mule
Such A Scream
Murder In The Red Barn
Invitation To The Blues
Johnsburg, Illinois
Lost In The Harbour
Innocent When You Dream
Lie To Me
Hoist That Rag
Hold On
Black Market Baby
Trampled Rose
Make It Rain

(intro of Going out west, cut short)
Rain Dogs
Dirt In The Ground



Eixuta said...

*I'll shoot the moon ...

R said...

the ???? song was going to be played before (not after) raindogs but the guitar was out of tune so they played just the beginning. I think it was goin' out west.

great show anyway

blogito said...

The last song beofre the encores was Make it Rain. He introduced the band there. And somewhere after Innocent... they played Hoist That Rag. I think it was the second after Innocent but not sure about that

itd said...

Dear friends,

Congratulations for this website.

I leave the link with my chronicle of Tom Waits' show in Barcelona (second night, 15th july). It's in catala, so it's for catalonian fans!!!


I'll try to translate it in english as soon as I could.

Best regards for everybody!

opalzone said...

did anyone @ the Barcelona show get a video of Murder in the Red Barn? If so, will you share it? Please?