Friday, July 25, 2008

Paris setlist (second night)

Le Grand Rex, Paris, France
July 25, 2008

Lucinda / Ain't Going Down To The Well No More
Rain Dogs / Russian Dance
Falling Down
The Other Side Of The World
Lucky Day
God's Away On Business
Hold On
Eyeball Kid
Jesus Gonna Be Here
You Can Never Hold Back Spring
Johnsburg, Illinois
Tom Traubert's Blues
Innocent When You Dream
Lie To Me
Hoist That Rag
Heigh Ho
Lost At The Bottom Of The World
Hang Down Your Head
Poor Edward
Black Market Baby
Dirt In The Ground
Make It Rain
Way Down In The Hole

Jockey Full Of Bourbon
Anywhere I Lay My Head



Joshua Solomon said...

thoroughly enjoyable. end of show was make it rain. first song of encore was down in the hole.

herge65 said...

Simply incredible. And very different to Hammersmith 2004. Tom seems to be having a lot of fun with much more audience involvement, encouraging a sing a long etc.

Fabulous new arrangements.

Highlights for me: Make It Rain, Eyeball Kid, Innocent When You Dream!

Roll on Edinburgh :-)

Raindog Harry said...

For me this was the best Tom Waits show ever. (I saw The Hague 1999 (2nights), Amsterdam 2004 (first and third night), and Paris 2008, two nights. This second night I was enthralled from the first to the last second. Special Highlight: the completely silent hall during Hold On. Breathtakingly beautiful. The whole show was a fairy tale of colour, music, poetry. Pity that the security was a little bit tighter than the first night and would not let us get closer to the stage than 1 meter during the encore. I had my slight revenge for all of the fans though, by motioning the security guide (who just did his necessary work of course) to please step aside a bit so that I could make a good picture of Tom drinking from a water bottle, after another magnificent show! We Love You Tom!

Richard said...

For me the undisputed highpoint of
the Paris trip was sitting next to
the famous Raindog Harry on
Thursday night!

Anonymous said...

After being a fan for twelve years this was my first time getting to see Tom and I'd travelled down from London for the night. The set list was fantastic and the whole show was fabulous and colourful and, frankly, one of the best shows I've ever seen. The man is truly a master... :o)

Toni W said...

Paris: I saw both shows. Fantastic atmosphere among fans pre and post gigs.

Both shows were stunning, but I thought second had edge with its selection of songs and even greater creative energy from Tom Waits. "Heigh Ho" was a surprising and subtle arrangement, for example and "Poor Edward" one of the highlights for me.

Audiences stood during encores for the two nights and gave a standing ovation for the second.

If anyone is reading this from Anti, thanks to you, the road crew, everyone in the superb band and of course the man himself for a thrilling time.

Raindog Harry said...

Richard! I love you too!

For your information (and that of others), I am working on a Tribute CD with twelve Tom Waits songs translated into Dutch. Superb translations, even though it is me who is saying so :-). If you, or anybody else, is interested in receiving a copy, you can e-mail me at my personal e-mail address
Translations are finished, recording will take start in September. Project should be finished by the end of this year.


P.S.: Of course I will ask Tom to contribute, though there is not much change that he will. But I will try. He is friends with a restaurant owner from Dutch origin who is living close to him. I know his name, and will send my cd to him, asking him to pass it on to Tom. Who knows, maybe he feels like contributing just one howl to one of the songs. Would be nice. One has to have dreams, hasn't one? And if not, the cd will still be a nice collector's item for fans I think. Waits in Dutch!

Nighthawks Diner said...

This was the first time I have seen Tom although I have been to loads of other gigs, and I thought this gig was out of this world - and it is great that more "seasoned" Waits gig-goers agree that this was one of the best.

Almost a religious experience

Thanks Tom!