Saturday, July 12, 2008

San Sebastian Setlist

Auditorio Kursaal, San Sebastian, Spain
July 12, 2008

Lucinda/Ain't goin' down to the well no more
Way Down in the Hole
Falling Down
Chocolate Jesus
All the World is Green
Hold On
Cemetary Polka
Dirt in the Ground
Black Market Baby
Lie To Me
Misery is the River of the World
On the Nickel
Johnsburg Ill.
Tango Til' They're Sore
Innocent When You Dream
Hoist that Rag
Make it Rain
Cold Cold Ground
Jesus Gonna be Here

Trampled Rose
Eyeball Kid
Anywhere I Lay My Head


Seth31 said...

My initial, slightly bleary-eyed thoughts:

Tom sounded phenomenal - his voice has lost none of its expressiveness, power and (controversial, I know) beauty.

Undoubted highlights (although it would be churlish to suggest that the evening had anything that was less, by regular standards, than a highlight):

All the world is green (just stunning)

Misery's The River of the World (complete with "everybody row" sing-a-long - at once profoundly disturbing and hysterically funny)

Cemetry Polka (with a great introduction about family reunions - "you definitely don't want to make eye contact with Uncle Bob")

Eyeball Kid (complete with hysterical, Buster Keaton-esque routine involving an imaginary eyeball on a piece of elastic, backed with appropriate noises from the band)

The crowd was great - hugely enthusiastic, quiet during songs, very little calling out. At one point, and this seemed genuine, Tom just looked up as he walked between piano and guitar, and said simply "thanks, this has been a great night".

Euro-dogs - you have got a lot to look forward to. See you in Paris and Dublin.

Seth31 said...

I should also add, following-on from the discussion during the US leg of the tour, i thought the band were superb. They have a completely different feel to the bands of previous tours, so I think comparisons are of limited use.

Casey Waits does a great job of anchoring the unit - he has a really light touch, particularly noticeable when he pulled out the brushes. As with the rest of the band, the drumming is less obvious than, say, Brain Mantia during the Real Gone tour, but perfect for the more ensemble approach of this tour. During a number of songs, there are some unexpected changes of tempo, and he propels things along nicely.

I thought Omar Torrez brought a lot to the party. Not the behind-the-beat choppiness of Ribot, but a more straight-ahead, but no less compelling companion to the Waitsian catalogue. And obviously hugely versatile - some gorgeous arpeggio during some of the slower numbers, through to rocking power-cords. And he seemed to be having fun.

Patrick Warren was low in the mix from where I sat, but loved his and Omar Torrez's trading of licks...

Seth Ford-Young: again, you had to concentrate on him to pick up the subtle influence he was wielding, but that really is a compliment.

As has been said before, Vincent Henry is simply sensational.

Sullivan Waits is clearly a young guy with huge potential - particularly enjoyed his clarinet playing behind Henry.

All in all, a far less obvious outfit than in the past, but one that, in my view, brings out the very best of the man you are, after all, there to see and hear.

Anonymous said...

Seth31 you're making the wait for Dublin even more mouth watering with that review, it sounds utterly amazing for any Waits fan. Glad you enjoyed it.

lamp said...

seth31 - really proffesional review! Thanks! I was waiting for the first news from the UE. Cant wait to see him in Prague. Im happy that he's continuing with the USA setlist in Europe.

swordfish0413 said...

The show was perfect! The only downside is that we missed the opportunity to hear a Sprinsteen/Waits-Duo of Jersey Girl as Mr. Springsteen was in the audience (according to a spanisch newspaper).

El Humilde Fotero del Pánico said...


Dos días después aún me emociono cuando le recuerdo al piano con el auditorio convertido en un coro lloroso que canta: "It’s memories that I’m stealing but you’re innocent when you dream...".


Come back, Mr. Waits!!!

Burntfaced Jake said...

This is off-topic I know but has anyone received tickets for either Edinburgh or Dublin yet? I received an email from ticketmaster in the UK saying the tickets would be posted shortly before the show, but with no more information. I haven't heard anything more about Dublin tickets since the confirmation email when I first bought them.

herge65 said...

No Edinburgh tickets for me yet. They said apx two weeks before so anytime now I guess.

Chocolate Jesus said...

burntfaced jake

I received 2 tickets for Dublin (Wednesday July 30) in todays post.
That's all so far...I have booked for other nights.

El Humilde Fotero del Pánico said...

Another review of San Sebastian in the next blog:
Thanks a lot!

Malicia Cool said...

Thank you so very much for linking my review as well as the one by my cyberfriend "El Humilde Forero del Pánico"; we sure feel very happy and honoured!!


Alicia XX