Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thank you

As the dust is settling down after the Glitter and Doom tour, I would also like to thank everyone who has contributed to the blog this during the last few weeks. News, set lists, rumours, best wishes, kind words, pints of Guinness, post cards,... everything is greatly appreciated. I've tried to answer your mails, but I realise I've failed miserably - I hope you'll forgive me. And remember: The Eyeball Kid would not be what it is wihout your help. So, please do keep the info coming.

I do have to warn you not to expect any more updates in August, due to a holiday.


Dave said...

Have a good holiday, and please keep up the great work. I'm hoping your next post will be to announce the DVD release of the incredible tour!

Anonymous said...

Well Eyeball, thanks in return for your good work. Things seem to be very quiet around these parts since Tom headed back to California but you helped to make the moments memorable. I'm sitting listening to Bone Machine on record which just arrived in the post today, remembering two great nights in the RatCellar and a summer online checking every move and song of Toms tour before he got here courtesy of the Eyeball Kid - Hail!, Hail! and have a ball on your holiday!

Rasmus said...

Enjoy the holidays, and thanks for the incredible ammount of reliable information from this source. It's thanks to you that my brother and I managed to buy tickets in time for Toms concert in Prague:-)
Seeing forward to more news from the Eyeball in the future. Hoist that rag!

Rebecca said...


Thank you so much for all your hard work on this site. It made the US tour all the more amazing! Enjoy your much-deserved holiday. :)

Squid said...

Grazie Eyeball......met some good connections on this blog. Received an awesome dvd of the Atlanta show.
NPR podcast came just in time.......had it on my ipod for a ski trip to Chile.

enjoy your days.....

Jordi V. Pou said...

Thank You Eyeball.

This great tour would have been different without your hard work with this blog.

And enjoy your holiday, we will be waiting for you.

b-Zen said...

Thanks Kid and The Raindogs.

Your blog is a gem, I am truly grateful to have found it.

What a tour. I'm still trembling.

"See you in September"

Bone Machine said...

and many thanks for one of the finest Waits sites out there.