Tuesday, January 13, 2009


There is not much happening as far as Waits is concerned, but those of you in Belgium, can look forward to Tom Waits Until Spring. This Waits tribute by actrice Antje De Boeck - Belgium's answer to Scarlett J. - and musicians Jef Neve and Rony Verbiest, celebrates its avant-premiere tonight Wednesday and will tour Flanders in the upcoming months.

In Denmark, BoneMachine is on tour, with performances in Copenhagen (Jan. 24) and Aarhus (Jan. 30).

If you you want some Waits-related art in your house, you could have a look at DeviantArt.
And if you're in the neighborhood of Portland, Oregon, you can check out the screening of Big Time, at the NW Film Center, Friday January 16.

I'll leave you with some footage from the Tom Waits Until Spring tribute


DeGentseTheesoci√ęteit said...

I'm really looking forward to the Tom Waits until spring thing. I'm going the 30th of January!

Jens said...

I'm going tonight! Curious to see just exactly what they did with his music.


Jens said...
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Jens said...

I enjoyed myself.

Piano, sax, accordeon were all fine.

Jef Neve was/is very very good. He gave me the goose bumps a few times. Will keep an eye on his work. Worthy of Tom's music!

Ronny Verbiest really handles the sax, accordeon and harmonica very well. Knew when to keep it small and beautifull and when to kick it in.

Antje de Boeck was, in my opinion, not too great. She did perform most of the songs very well but sometimes her voice didn't match the songs. And sometimes, most of it in the beginning, her voice got a little in the way of the music. But she did a very good job peforming, in the neighbourhood, traubert's blues, hang down your head.

Would absolutely recommend it. Certainly if you keep in mind that I have paid only 1/11 compared to what I've paid to see the real thing. :-)

Setlist (at least a part of it)

Children's story
Clap Hands
Christmas Card ...
Rain Dogs
If I have to go
Tango till they're sore
The Piano has been drinking (piano solo)
In the Neighbourhood
Russian Dance
Hang down your head
All the world is green
Tom Traubert's blues


Little man

Still forgetting some songs... There was one with little drop of poison in the lyric but it wasn't a little drop of poison... And it didn't sound very familiar to me.

Hope I can remember the other songs soon!

DeGentseTheesoci√ęteit said...

Hey great too hear this. There was also something on tv about it (in the normally quite silly "De Rode Loper" )
You can watch it here:
There's also an english review i saw on:

I'm curious !!!!