Sunday, June 14, 2009

Belgian tribute

Belgian Cultuurhuis Maison /Vox (situated in Maldegem) is celebrating Tom Waits' sixtieth birhtday with a tribute during the weekend of December 11-12-13. If you are an entertainer/musician/graphic artist or something of the kind, and you think you can contribute in any way, feel free to contact them by sending an e-mail to with 'WAITS 60' in the subject line or by leaving a message on their Facebook page


Raindog Harry said...

Great! I'll certainly send them an email. Would be a great honour to contribute to the festivities for Tom's 60th anniversary! What a great initiative of the Belgians!

Already looking forward to the Belgian beers...

Raindog Harry

Anonymous said...

Great news.

I'll certainly will go round.

Nice to see more things happening in Belgium.