Monday, January 04, 2010

Giveaway winners

Not too many entries for the the December giveaway (137), so I guess most of you already have the entire Waits catalogue in your possession.

A lot of those who did enter, hoped for the vinyl Orphans box, but as the first name out of the hat asked for (the less expensive) Glitter & Doom live, I decided to give away two more copies of that album.

The winners have been notified and the cd's should be on their way to James (Virginia), Jodie, (West Virginia) and Nigel (The Netherlands) soon.

Better luck next time to the rest of you.

1 comment:

outofsorrow said...

I missed out! Dammit. And I only need a few albums. You "only" had 137 entries? I had 12 for a Nick Cave fan project on my blog. You're super famous, I say. ;)