Monday, December 12, 2016

Waits short story to be published next year

Tom Waits is one of the musicians involved in creating Stories for Ways and Means: an illustrated book of short stories for adults, which will be published by record label Waxploitation somewhere next year. A promo clip on seems to indicate Tom Waits might be collaborating with painter Joe Coleman for his contribution.

According to Creative Review, Jeff Antebi, who conceived the project, says Waxploitation is also developing a VR version of the book and turning some of the stories into longer animated films and plans to launch a gallery exhibition showcasing original artwork.

Proceeds from sales of the book will benefit Room to Read, Pencils of Promise, and 826 National among a number of non-profits working to build schools and educate children around the world.

Ten years ago the founder of Waxploitation, Jeff Antebi, had an idea to ask his favorite music artists and favorite contemporary painters to come together and collaborate on original children’s stories for a benefit project. 
Today, 29 of those pairings make up the 350 page book project called Stories for Ways & Means.  
The book includes stories from Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Frank Black, Justin Vernon, Laura Marling, Devendra Banhart, Alison Mosshart and Kathleen Hanna as well as painters/illustrators like Anthony Lister, Dan Baldwin, Swoon, Will Barras, James Jean, Ronzo, Kai & Sunny, and more. 
Guest narrators came along for fun as featured voices in short promo films: Danny Devito, Zach Galifianakis, Nick Offerman, Phil LaMarr, King Krule, and Lauren Lapkus. .
The regular (hardcover) edition is available for pre-order at $98. The exclusive signed edition (not by Tom Waits, as far as I can tell) will set you back $500 (shipping not included).


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