Wednesday, May 26, 2004

New album recorded in Missouri?

According to a newsletter by record company ANTI- Tom Waits is recording his new album in Yreka, Missouri. This seems to contradict earlier messages that the album is being recorded in Mississippi. So far, the ANTI- website only has a reference to Mississippi.

According to this newsletter, dated April 28, Brain Manita will be playing on drums.

The ANTI- newsletter:

There will be a brand new Tom Waits album Later this is a
message from Tom about the record:

"Hello good people. We are currently recording a new record in an old schoolhouse in Yreka, Missouri, because there's nothing like fresh material.... all new tunes by Kathleen Brennan and myself to come out in the fall. No title as of yet. We worked with Larry Taylor on bass and guitar, Mark Ribot on guitar and tres, Brain Manita on drums, Casey Waits on percussion and turntables, Les Claypool on electric bass and Harry Cody on guitar. Feelin' good about it all. Songs about Mama, liquor, trains and death. Politics, rats, war, hangings, dancing, pirates, farms, the carnival and sinning. In other words, the same 'ol dirty business; we'll see you down the road."

(Thanks to Mikael B. for forwarding the newsletter)


Anonymous said...

I wonder about this???? a quick search shows no such city in Missouri. There is a Yreka, California, but who knows.

The Eyeball Kid said...

We all wonder about this: Mississippi, Missouri, San Francisco,... The man is either recording all over the place or he is fibbing. He's a fibber you know. He tells fibs.