Sunday, August 22, 2004

Metropolitan Glide clip

The iTunes Music Store is selling Metropolitan Glide, presumably the first single from the upcoming album Real Gone. If you have iTunes installed, you can listen to a 29 second clip.


Anonymous said...

Metropolitan Glide is real gone ;-)

After I bought the song last week I saw today that the song was removed again. This also happened with Tom's song on Shrek 2. One day after the release it was gone again just to come back a week later. Strange weather eh?

greetings, frank

See ya in Berlin ;-)

Anonymous said...

Listen to the full-length airing of 'Metropolitan Glige' on NPR now! It was "considered" on the "all songs considered" program, along with some other great tunes including new releases from Elvis Costello and Elliott Smith!

October 5th!!!!
When's the U.S. tour...?