Saturday, August 21, 2004

More tour info

Some more info on shows from the upcoming tour:

UK show(s) will be announced on 2 September, on sale 10 September.
Netherlands show(s) will be announced on 13 September, on sale 2 October
North American show (in October) will be announced on 7 September, on sale 13 September.
The details for Belgium are still being worked out.


captaincranium said...

Just recently discovered your blog....thanks.
seems to be the best coverage of the latest TW news.
Question: Your post seems singular regarding TW in US this fall.
Is he planning only ONE show?

The Eyeball Kid said...

As far as I'm aware of, there has only been talk about "a show"... Sorry.

Anonymous said...

In the Netherlands tickets were sold out in 2 minutes. I got a last ticket. To bad for my friends, I'll go alone. Lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely....