Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Real Gone in the classifieds (2)

After Don't Go Into That Barn, another song from Real Gone appears in the classifieds. The Washington City Paper carries lyrics from Shake It in its 10 September edition:

"PREACHER. NO EXPERIENCE necessary. Strip Poker Motel. Got a small blue tail. Hot ice, cold cash. I never been no good at. Staying out of jail. Wheel spin, roulette. who's giving, don't get. Ripped shirt, black eye. Tuxedo, bow tie. Dark sound, straight road. Get lost, get loaded. Enlisted men, off duty. Stolen clouds, dark beauty. Cold gun, wild rose. Night clerk, door closed. Lie down baby. Your love is a faucet. ahhh. Called China, cell phone. Chun King, not home. You know I feel like a. Preacher waving a gun around. Tom Waits Real Gone."

(via Louise)

And another one, Baby Gonna Leave Me, can be found in the Seattle Weekly, the Chicago Reader, the Washington City Paper and the Salt Lake City Weekly:

FORD '49 MY BABY WENT AND LEFT ME in a '49 Ford. Going down the highway in a 49 sword. My baby ripped my heart out with every turn of the moon. Somebody told me there's never been a rose without a thorn. Na na na na na na na na na na na na. TOM WAITS REAL GONE

The Chicago Reader and the Salt Lake City Weeklyalso carry the reference to Don't Go Into That Barn.

(scanned ads from Triangle Independent, Classifieds: Employment, September 1, 2004 and Classifieds: Automobiles September 8, 2004 - via Aaron)

The first one to find another Real Gone reference - or even better: a scanned image - from a different song gets a Gmail invitation.)


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Don't Go Into That Barn also in the Memphis Flyer ...


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