Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Real Gone in the classifieds

It seems like Epitpah is promoting the upcoming album Real Gone in the classifieds of regional newspapers.

The text quoted below appeared in the Pittsburgh City Paper, September 1-September 8, 2004 (under Real Estate/Unique Spaces, page 72) and The Village Voice, August 31, 2004 (under Unfurnished Apts - Manhattan Listings, page 113).

Barn don't go in. They found the falling down timbers. Of a spooky old barn. Out there like a slave ship. Upside down. Wrecked beneath the waves of rain. When the river is low. They find old bones and. When they plow they always. Dig up chains. TOM WAITS REAL GONE epitaph.com

UPDATE (7 September): the same add can be found in the Boston Phoenix, under 'Apartments Rentals'.
(via Sarah)

UPDATE (8 September): And in the Salt Lake City Weekly
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