Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Seattle show (final)

This is the confirmed Seattle set list. Corrections - but you'd have to be pretty sure - can be sent to eyeball@gmail.com.

Make It Rain
Don't Go Into That Barn
Baby Gonna Leave Me
Hoist That Rag
Sins Of My Father
Earth Died Screaming
Table Top Joe
The Part You Throw Away
Dead and Lovely
Metropolitan Glide
Murder In The Red Barn
Day After Tomorrow
Shake It

Top Of The Hill
What's He Building In There?

Second encore:
Hang Down Your Head
House Where Nobody Lives

(thanks to various Raindogs, Straydogs and others)


Anonymous said...

To all belgian fans who managed to get a ticket, see you all at the bourla theatre!
When I'm looking at the playlist in Vancouver, it promises to be a superb evening.
See ya then

Anonymous said...

Wow - he played November? I *love* that song... would be so cool to hear it live!!

Please please tell me someone taped it... :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow! That was the most amazing show I've ever seen, I'm speechless. Oh, he played Earth Died Screaming in there too.

sgallagher27 said...

Earth Died Screaming in between Table Top Joe and Murder in the red barn.

Okay okay....who taped this show, and how do I get a copy?!?! I'll host it!

Anonymous said...

hi guys gigs sound amazing cant wait for the rest of the tour,i have 2nd row seats for the 1st night in berlin & the london show.was wondering if there was any merchandise on sale at the gigs?

sgallagher27 said...

No merch at the show, which was a bit disappointing.

I'm not going to complain about a single part of the show, although I would have liked to have heard a bit more piano, and of course more old stuff...but what an amazing show.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I don't like the look of this. Tom is focusing far more on the abrasive side of his repetoire. I was pleased with the addition of 'The part you throw away' to his set, but if you compare this time to circa 99 shows, like for example the Stockholm one, the contrast is stark. 'Innocent when you dream', 'Singapore', 'Shore Leave', 'Heart of Saturday Night', 'Tango til they're sore', and most horrifically, 'Who are you?' have all been notably absent from his recent shows. Looks like i'm gonna be muchos dissapointed after dropping £60 on a ticket. (His recent album is my least favourite release since Heart Attack and Vine).

Anonymous said...

Yeah, these are poor setlists. Let's be honest here. They're not nearly as long as the Get Behind The Mule concerts and they're only showing one side of Waits' repertoire. I like that side but he covered the whole gamut on the GBTM tour - without bothering to hall his scruffy ass over to the UK. I think many of us are going to be slightly gutted at having queued up for four hours and forked out 70 quid for a ticket. How much does it cost to keep a man in a pork-pie hat?!

Anonymous said...

What do you guys actually wanna see? Your hero, or your own version of him? Yes, it's true, setlists look shorter and maybe less attractive from some perspective, but what the hell? If you have read the reactions from people who've seen him in vancouver and seattle, you should i guess not doubt the fact that he's in good shape. Maybe not with the same songs as four or five years ago, but is that a loss? I would think not, on the contrary. We admire him for being wayward, as long as it fits our picture. I'm glad he plays some new stuff. Of course, and i admit that it is a pretty unheroic fact: the tickets are way too expensive.


who the hell wants to see the same kind of show every tour anyway?! I bet if Tom were to play a lot more piano based songs the same people would complain that his shows wern't lively enough! Change is good, go with the flow or get stuck in a rut. Be grateful that Tom is still puting out NEW material and is still touring! Would you really want him to rehash the same 'ol songs over and over again?

I for one am looking forward to whatever kind of show Tom will put on by the time he reaches the states!

Anonymous said...

I was at both the Vancouver shows and my God they were incredible! You guys are damn fools, quit your whining!

Anonymous said...

For those complaining about setlists and ticket prices, please feel free to sell your tickets to someone who would be happy with the songs and the price. The recent shows were as good as any I've seen and I don't think that they were one-dimensional. These were warm-up dates too, so giving the new material a test run was very important for the artists. I’m somewhat amazed by such whining… Please, sell your tickets… I may be sitting next to you.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how many people think the Europe shows are going to be a disappointment. That Seattle show was THE best live music I've ever seen (and I go to a lot of shows). If you don't like the new album, why would you pay X amount of money to see him on the supporting tour? Hoist That Rag, Make It Rain, and Day After Tomorrow are all amazing live (especially Day After Tomorrow, it gave me goose bumps multiple times). If you want to hear stuff from Heart Of Saturday Night or Closing Time, too bad. The new Tom Waits is a new chapter in one of the most respectable music careers in music history.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Although I'd love to hear Tom's entire back catalogue you can only reasonably expect him to be concentrating on the material from the last few years. Having seen a number of artists who flog their back catalogue to death as some kind of superannuation fund I'd far rather see Tom do stuff I'd never heard than trot out tired versions of some of my favourite old songs. If you refer back to setlists for the GBTM tour there were a few variations between shows so some older stuff may creep in.

I think Real Gone IS a difficult album at first but it grows and grows on you. On one of the fan sites I'm sure I saw someone liken appreciation of Waits music to the appreciation of good single malt whisky and cuban cigars - neither of which I found particular palatable first time around.

Whatever your opinion of the new stuff you must agree Tom doesn't rest on his laurels like some and the European shows will be unique if nothing else.

See you in Berlin and London

Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong: I love Real Gone with a passion and I ain't selling my ticket for love nor money. But I just think the Get Behind The Mule sets were better. And I'm miffed that much of the rest of the world got to see those shows while London didn't. And the Waits piano stuff is part of his thing, y'know - we like to see him do it. So while I'll go and I'm sure I'll enjoy it, I'm still a little nervous that I'm gonna be feeling a tad short sold. But hell, all right, all right, maybe that's just because I'd like to see Alice performed in full with the entire complement of backing instruments...

strewelpeter said...

I can't imagine why anyone would want to go to all the cost and hassle of going out if all they want is 'sing-a-long-a-tom'.
The reason that an 'oul lad like me will spend a fortune getting to Amsterdam , thus depriving my kids of Christmas presents ;-) ,25 years after first seeing him play live is that I'm going to hear something different. Something that if it isn't abrasive and challenging will be disappointing.

Last year Neil Young toured Europe doing a solo acoustic tour in small sized venues. He'd come on, play the whole of his new Greendale album as a piece - about 90 minutes, take a break come back on and do about an hour of 'sing-a-long-a-neil'. Problem was that (apparently) in many venues people were whinging and screaming for "heart of gold" or whatever and then you had people walking out complaining. When I saw him towards the end of the tour in Dublin he was having to explain the format to try to avoid hassle. What amazed me was the amount of people who started out disappointed that he was doing the new stuff but raving about it by the end of the night.
Anyway the point I'm trying to make is that the reason there is still huge demand for the likes of Waits and a very few others of his generation is exactly that you are going to hear something new.
In Waits's case I have no doubt that his latest three albums are the best of his career.

Watch out Amsterdam here we come :)

Death Cap said...

The Show in Seattle was GREAT !! The setlist was great,(everyone there wanted more but everyone wanted more on the last tour also). Tom's voice was in Excellent form. I'm just wondering if anyone else noticed how Crappy the Paramount lighting was, the spotlight was off the band many times and was just poorly lit, just me ??

The show was fantastic and worth the 5 hours in line and well worth the money.

Anonymous said...

what the hell, you waited 5 hours in line?? what for?

I didn't have wait in line at all for the Tom Waits show in seattle and Iwas in front.

Anonymous said...

I saw the shows in Vancouver and Seattle. I also saw Waits five times in '99. For the most part, I'd say you Euro'dogs are in for a real treat; however, Waits' voice was going, going, real gone by the end of the Seattle show (with only one day of rest), IMO. He even mentioned it himself during the show and I noticed the same thing in '99 between the Chicago and Minneapolis shows. Basically, he could shout the words out on the loud and up tempo songs, but he was not able to "croon a tune" on the slower tempo songs. I think the set list was altered because of his voice. I don't see how he'll be able to do three shows in a row in Berlin and Amsterdam without a break. Several other fans I spoke with after the show agreed with me.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be *too* quick to say his voice was worn out after just three shows... do you think he recorded "Real Gone" and was only able to work for 4-5 hours every two days?

I saw him in 99 twice, the first show I saw he sounded really ragged, he'd been touring for three months by the time I saw him. I assumed the same as you, worn out from too many shows. But five days later I went to a second show and he sounded much better. Might have just been a cold or allergies or a bad night's sleep.

Anonymous said...

>do you think he recorded "Real Gone" and was only able to work for 4-5 >hours every two days?

Well, I know the voice percussions were recorded first and then the vocals were overdubbed. I suspect that a number of the songs were done in one or two takes. I believe the project was delayed past its original completion date; however, I suppose only Waits knows for sure -- but I know what I heard and I can think of a dozen or so other Waits fans that said as much to me Monday nite after the show.

Which show(s) did you go to?

Anonymous said...

I saw him in Boston and NYC in 99.

I don't doubt he might have sounded ragged, I'm just saying that it might not be a case of overuse or overwork as you suggest - but rather a cold or something similarly temporary. I have a hard time believing that two shows would do in his voice that badly.

At the end of the 2nd show in Vancouver he still sounded wonderful. I don't know why he would suddenly be having problems 48 hours later after taking a day off.

Time will tell...

Anonymous said...

Having spent £315 on ebay for London ticket the setlist looks pretty exciting to me, the Real Gone tracks all have a great punch. While I'd love to hear some more oldies, a 20 songs setlist is all one can hope for really.

enjoy the shows

Benas Plentas said...

Hi people!

Maybe there are some people from Germany, who are living in Berlin and going to concert on 17th of november?

I'm comming to Berlin on 16th (hope to come about that day, it could be a night of 16-17 or smth) and i'm looking for accomodation - it could be even a place on the floor or something like that ;)

Why - i'm comming from Lithuania, Vilnius by hitch-hiking, I have ticket and bit money for eating and drinking;) But it will be not enough for me to book a hotel and, of course, i don't like that kind of living. It would be very interesting to meet some other Tom Waits fans :)

Maybe you could help me somehow?

I would appreciate that

Ben, Vilnius,

sgallagher27 said...

Does anyone have a recording of this show?!??!

Come on the ONLY US Show, and Nobody has a copy?

send me an email if you have any information on a known copy, or where to find one.


NewhampshireMan12 said...
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