Friday, September 28, 2007

Tom Waits for No Man in London

Stewart D'Arrietta's cabaret Tom Waits for No Man is coming to London.

Performances at Studio 3 - Riverside studios from 28 September to 28 October.

(thanks to Nigel)


fLip said...

Hello. This caught my interest hugely, initially as I have read good opinions about the show and so little TW material ever making here, I was very inclined to go and see the show with friends. But the clips from Stewart D'Arrietta site, with a clip from For No Man show looked rather very poor to me so I have a huge doubt about his way of presenting Tom Waits. Maybe it was just a bad impression.
Can anyone who had seen the show please comment and tell me if the show is in any way pretentious, or addressing TW newcomers mostly like the short clip appeared to be.

I fear to bring my friends and being disappointed in show, as the clip suggested

Zev said...

I have seen the show twice and really enjoyed it. He covers songs and impersonates Tom's voice but relates the songs and the stories to his youth and own musical development.
Clearly you shouldn't expect to be going to hear Tom, but one of the joys for me of hearing (good) Waits covers is that it not only encourages me to rediscover some gems but sometimes opens up new ways of hearing and interpreting the songs. D'Arrietta's take on some numbers certainly did this for me ...

Ray said...

Just saw the show a couple days ago, and it was great! Full review at

Drue said...

I saw this one twice in Australia on it's first run. Very good. It's similar to the 'Looking through a Glass Onion' the Lennon Bio/Concert that he did with John Waters many years ago.

Well worth it.