Monday, December 31, 2007

The Boulevard of Broken Covers - December 07

A nice one to start this edition of The Boulevard of Broken Covers: the soundtrack to HBO's hit series The Wire. This includes four versions of Way down in the hole: by the Blind Boys of Alabama, The Neville Brothers, DoMaJe and Tom Waits himself. Steve Earle's version, which was also used in the series, is missing. Release date: January 8. 

Mark Erelli covers Innocent when you dream on the album by the same name.

And I'm sure you all already knew, but  Robert Plant and Allison Kraus cover Trampled Rose on Raising sand.

And still no word on the long-expected Johansson album. Should you happen to have her telephone number, I'd be more than happy to give her a ring to try and find out what's the delay. 

A big thank you to Jiri, Steve and Cheryl and many others. And an even bigger apology to all people who sent me an e-mail but haven't heard back from me (yet). I try, but often fail - so I hope you forgive me and I'll put this on top of my New Year's resolutions list.


MSG Quixo said...

Steve Earle's version appears on his latest album. Sounds a little out of place and is a little disappointing...

Poeta per un dia said...

I'll ask Scarlett as soon as she wakes up... ;P By the way,... thanks for all the information about Mr Waits... Cheers!!