Monday, February 25, 2008

Original footage of Tom Waits for No One

The animated film Tom Waits For No One is more or less well know amongst Waits-afficionados, but now a 45 second clip of the original film used to make this has surfaced on YouTube.

According to the uploader, austinstein, these images - featuring Tom Waits and 'exotic dancer' Donna Gordon - were recorded at the La Brea Stage in 1978 and later used to produce the 'rotoscope video' (a process that takes live action footage and is traced back frame by frame turning it into animation).

Most intriguing part of this is his (her?) claim 'the footage will rise like the Phoenix from the ashes of obscurity'.

(thanks to Dorene)

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Ethan said...

If you want to sync these up, start the original footage (top) from 0:00 when the final footage (bottom) reaches the 2:43 mark. It's not 100% but you should be pretty close. Thanks Eyeball Kid for putting these both in page so you can see them together.