Monday, February 25, 2008

SSJ update

Southside Johnny's recording of his Big band cover project is finally 'done', to quote the man.

However, there do seem to be some problems getting a record label behind it: '(I) have my doubts as to their interest. We shall see. But I do promise that you will be able to get it in yer sweaty, grubby hands some time next year.'

Please call me baby is streaming on his site.

(thanks to Jeffrey)

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Wim said...

This was posted last week on Southside's home page:

Yes, the Tom Waits Big Band wahoo is finished, but so far no record company has run with it. I will be putting it up on the website in a month or so...maybe two....maybe by 2073...if none of these geniuses in The Music Biz step up and act right. And yes, that's a threat.