Sunday, June 29, 2008

Knoxville setlist

Civic Auditorium, Knoxville, Tn.
June 29, 2008

Lucinda/Ain't Goin Down to the Well
Way Down in the Hole
Falling Down
Hang Down Your Head
Chocolate Jesus
God's Away on Business
Get Behind the Mule
Metropolitan Glide
Trampled Rose
Cold Cold Ground
The Part You Throw Away
Rain Dogs/Russian Dance Black Market Baby
Black Market Baby Rain Dogs/Russian Dance
On the Nickel
Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis
You can Never Hold Back Spring
Lucky Day
Innocent When You Dream
9th and Hennepin
Lie to Me
Eyeball Kid
House Where Nobody Lives
Make it Rain

Jesus Gonna Be Here
House Where Nobody Lives
Eyeball Kid
Make It Rain

Fannin Street
Come on up to the house



Anonymous said...

On The Nickel - Wow!

Anonymous said...

btw thats now 53 different songs that Tom has performed over 9 nights - seems to be mixing it up nicely!

Fred Beiderbecke said...

I envy those of you that get to see multiple shows. It looks like you are getting a nice variety of songs.

Looking forward to Jacksonville tomorrow night.

inabillity said...

and don't forget 53 songs is a lot for one band to learn in a short period of time, regardless of how accomplished they are as musicians.

Anonymous said...

On The Nickel was for sure a highlight! It was one of the best performances I've seen him do.

japhy said...

I spoke to Duke Robillard after he finished as the guitarist for the Orphans tour and he said every night after the show he would hear a knock on the door of his hotel room. Then Waits would slide a CD under the door with two or three new tunes to learn for the next show. This was on top of the dozens they learned in rehearsal.
He'll probably keep switching up the setlist until the very end.

Stephen said...

This is my pick of the setlists that I have seen so far. I hope for something similar in Edinburgh! The chances are, the further down the line you see him the more likely you are to see something rare. Since this is the only time I'll ever get to see him I'm not sure if I'd prefer some "hits" or something obscure.

markr said...

what a show.

And sweet Laura right next to me

Tommy said...

If I have a front row seat for Atlanta and show up with a small sign requesting "Tom Traubert's Blues", will Tom smile and concede, or will he light a Roman Candle and aim it at my head? His glitter, my doom...

Alvis said...

Mr Waits moved through the show like a mime afflicted with Saint Vitus Dance, smooth and harsh. Every soul sitting near me had a smile on their face that never left for the whole night. Tom Waits puts on one hell of a show. I wish it was last night again and I was watching this fantastic voice recite 9th and Hennepin.

b-Zen said...

I hate idiots that shout requests at the man. I saw the first show in Phoenix. C'mon dude, like he's going to say, "oh yeah, I almost forgot about that one! Thanks for reminding me! You're so cool and knowledgeable about my music, I am so blessed!"
Don't bring a stupid sign. He has a set list.

Jens said...

I wish this i get this setlist in dublin

SweetBlackMagic said...

Probably in the top three concerts I have ever seen. It was my first live TW show, and it did not disappoint. I was really worried that he would just "bark and growl" the entire night, but I was sorely mistaken. You have to hear him live to truly appreciate what an instrument his voice is...simply amazing. And kudos to the sound techs last night...everything was spot on! Amazing that he played "On the Nickel" for the first time this tour in my of my all-time favs! Also great to see such a diverse crowd at the show...although the request thing does get old...and so does everyone trying to squeez in that "one last drink" before showtime. Is not having a drink an option? Anyway...on to BHAM...and hopefully some more great surprises!

kmartini said...

Might just be the best set list yet.

markr said...

He liked Knoxville.

He liked that we were quit and listened to the songs.

He said so.

The Book Of Mikey said...

I was at the knoxville show last night and it was a beaut. A wee bit better than Akron 2006.
Tom did announce a partial set list for Dublin, against the protests of the crowd. The crowd appeared to want better song choiced for Dublin.

here is that partial list announced at the Knoxville show last night.

Happy Birthday
Row Row Row your boat
Michael Row the Boat ashore
She'll be coming round the mountain
Don Gato(a spanish ode to a cat)
Itsy bitsy spider
Froggie went a courtin.

Someone in the crowd held up a sign with the song, "Danny Boy" written on it, but Mr. Waits graciously mentioned that he does not do requests and launched into "On the Nickel"

hope this helps.

Tommy said...


I am not 'one of those idiots'. I was making a joke as much as I was basking in being as close as I've ever been at a concert in 20+ years of seeing shows.

That said, I hate the sign carriers who block peoples' view with their attempts to goad an artist. Even worse are the shouters, who think yelling "Jungleland" from the back of Madison Square Garden will make it to Mr Springsteen's ears and coax a reaction from him. To his credit, though, Bruce takes audience requests, which is admittedly kinda cool.

I won't risk the wrath of the man who sings "Down in the Hole" by bringing a sign. Hell, I won't even bring my cell phone in, lest I am scurried away by security for having a device that could take photos. Atlanta's Fox Theater is a sanctuary, and that night, The Reverend Waits will hold court. I will be most grateful for each and every sermon he sings.

Like Springsteen, Dylan, Neil Young, and others, a Tom Waits set list is a moving target, focused on mood and the moment, more than 'faves' and hits. I prefer that over the Elton John hits factory concert approach.

b-Zen said...

I'm glad you're not a sign holder or shout reaction coaxer. It was my first time seeing the man and I couldn't believe people had the nerve. I woudln't do that in church or any other sacred place. Well maybe a Catholic church, but that's a different story.
He seemed a little annoyed. Great show. Saw "Invitation to the Blues". Worth the 7 hours from LA.

scott said...

your an ass. as much as a totally silent show would make you cum your pants. tom's shows have always had tons of banter and a audience scream outs. sure they can be somewhat lame but, tom accepts them and tolerates them indivualy and as a group, listen to tom's live bootlegs. also in defense of song sceaming freaks they shut up as soon as he starts to play which is better than any other music fans. a precident has been set ages ago, "you still workin out at the airport"?

scott said...

b zen
also I've been to 5 shows this tour and tom has actually played a tune he heard someone scream out. Im sure their happy. also it's still rock and roll and take that parking meter out your ars and use it as a walking stick. god I love the internet. they call me william the pleaser!

New Town Drunks said...

Awesome show! On the Nickel, Make It Rain, Hang Down Your Head were highlights for me. Oh and Christmas Card. The lights were also spot on.
I can't think of a better show I've seen, even with the false start.

He does have an amazing rapport with the audience, unflappable. And even if he complemented the audience for being quiet, he also seemed to enjoy the in between song exchanges with the crowd. Someone asked for a story at some point and later he said somethuing like Someone wanted a story earlier, I wasn't ready then but i'm ready now. And he continued on to 9th and Hennepin. Awesome.

Mike said...

Just a thought on wanting to hear your favorite song: as much as I regret not hearing either Singapore or Invitation to the Blues in both Columbus and Knoxville, I was glad in the end that this way I got to hear more other songs, those I was less familiar with! Everything he played on these 2 shows, all of those songs I now love. Lucinda live, IMO, was way better than on the studio CD. Black Market Baby - both versions I like, the live one being fantastic. I really hope they do release a DVD!

Sound was significantly better in Columbus, a fine opera theatre there. It was more mellow, blooming, organic, although it was hard to understand the words. In Knoxville, more in-your-face sound, every word very clear but vocals and electric guitar sounding quite harsh during loud pieces. Piano did sound better, fuller in Knoxville, but not drums... Can't believe he didn't do Hoist That Rag again!..
Crowd was much more active in Knoxville, and Tom talked a lot more; he and the band appeared to be enjoying it more in Knoxville.

One remarkable thing I noticed, from these 2 shows I've been to and from Youtube clips from others - Tom does not repeat same jokes.

Absolutely fantastic.

metodd said...

Nice setlist. Wow. If anyone has video I want a copy. I have the Tulsa show on DVD, I taped it from row 6.

strangepear said...

excellent show! perfect set list - drove down from new york city to see the show - greatly impressed.

baltomusic said...

Metodd, that is awesome that you have the Tulsa show on dvd. I would love to get a copy if you find it in your heart to mail it to me. I can definitely cover the dvd and shipping cost. I'm not a normal taper/filmer, so I don't really have anything I can offer you in that department.

Email is

Let me know if this is possible. Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Metodd - you have a DVD?! Any chance you could torrent it somewhere like Dimeadozen? That would be very much appreciated.

blog girl said...

Hi, Metodd

I'd be interested in a copy of the DVD and would arrange with you any shipping costs, fees, etc. that are necessary. (I'm too old to understand how Dimeadozen and other torrent sites work, so we'd have to arrange for old-fashioned delivery....) My e-mail is Thanks so much for your help

Mike said...

be nice, share! Please... Won't you feel good burning some copies of your DVD and shipping to us?
It is obvious you'll be promptly reimbursed for all your expense and flooded with our thanks!
Wish I had anything of equal value to trade...

b-Zen said...

Damn scott don't take it so personally. Oh wait, you must have been that guy screaming Ol' 55!! Now I get it...
Go home and take care of that liver.
BTW: I do appreciate audience banter, I love Tom's reactions to people. Yeah he's used the old airport thing a few times. I'm just against the idiot that screamed Ol' 55 through the show.
Take it easy man, seriously easy.

Metodd: how do I get a copy of Tulsa??? Can you send me your email?

monkeyrotica said...

Of the three shows I've seen (Chicago, Akron, and Knoxville) this has to have been the best performance. And not just because we were in the third row orchestra pit. All those folks who snagged the pit seats when they went up, they all had the same look on their faces: This has to be wrong! I can't believe I'm THIS close! Happiest bunch of concert goers I've ever seen.

And did anyone find it odd the girl in the aisle doing the hippy chick dance to "Cold, Cold Ground?" Odd song to dance to, but whatever floats her dinghy. As long as she wasn't blocking anyone's view.

jennie said...

Great set list! Can't wait for B'ham 6th row!

Did Sullivan make an appearance at this show?

Sean said...

Sullivan played clarinet on "The House Where Nobody Lives" and "Come on Up to the House."


Mike said...

Yes, that's right. But no Hoist That Rag, where he would play the congas facing the audience :(

That girl - yes, it was funny... I was glad they let her alone, she was not interfering with anyone's enjoyment...

Looks like metodd was really meaning a swap, not a bunch of us beggars :( Well, it's understandable, you've really put an effort into that, obviously sacrificing some of your own enjoyment at the time... But still... Think about all the gratitude...

Anonymous said...

i am looking for a copy of knoxville, if anyone has it, for my boy who couldnt be there with me.

Rebecca said...

i'm also looking for an audio or video copy of this show...i'll be happy to reimburse you in some way... thanks fellow raindogs!

The Eyeball Kid said...

@ metodd : I'm very interested in your recording. Please mail me at

john said...


I would also be thrilled to have a copy of the Tulsa show. Out of the three shows I've seen (Phoenix, Dallas & Tulsa) this show was by far the best. I would be more than happy to reimburse/ compensate you for your trouble as I would be eternally grateful.

inabillity said...

looks like metodd got more than he bargained.. tried to bargain for.

Albert said...

Having seen TW perform seven times since the late 70s, I agree that the shout outs and give and take with the crowd is part of the legacy. It wouldn't be a Tom Waits show with out it. But what's with all the people that can't stay in their seats. I don't mean the overly enthusiastic ones that give a standing O after ever song. I mean all the coming and going during the whole show. And many people multiple times. And the talking during the performance! I finely had to turn around to the two people behind be and ask them to be quiet. It was really annoying! Interesting how many people like Knoxville better than Columbus. I thought the band was much tighter in Columbus. I agree that the acoustics in the theater were better in Knoxville. That being said, I wouldn't trade either experience for anything

inabillity said...

having been to many concerts, large and small, I thought the sound job in Columbus was among the best I've ever heard, so Knoxville must have been something else.

Dan said...

hey did you hear this guy metodd has a dvd?

Mike said...

@albert: yes it was weird to see people come and go all the time, as if it was a ball game... Especially in Columbus, where we were in the middle of mezzanine, closer to the back. Did all those people not wait anxiously for this concert, having snatched a pair of tickets in those 4 minutes before the show sold out?!.

@inability: same for me. There was something about that place, Ohio Theatre, obviously superior acoustically. When keyboards would join in or the biggest sax started swinging, I had goosebumps. And Hoist That Rag was simply entrancing, shamanic.
The closest to the goodness of that sound I can remember was a Pink Floyd concert I saw in 80s. Although that one was of course "cleaner", the Columbus show on the 28th had much more "live" and warm feel.

Sven said...

For what it is worth, I was talking with Omar Torrez last night, and he said of all the shows so far, this Knoxville show was one of the best as far as from his/the band perspective (ie fun crowd, and performance wise, etc).

I can't wait for the show in Atlanta tonight!

Mike said...

sven, thanks, this is interesting. Been to Columbus and then to Knoxville show the next day, and this was exactly my impression. Omar, in particular, was smiling and swinging with his body much sooner - by Falling Down, I think. Please say hello, he's great :)

Christian said...

metodd i'd love to get a copy of the DVD
please email if possible
i have many live waits shows (audio only) for trade