Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Boulevard of Broken Covers

Some cover news;

Joan Baez covers Day after tomorrow on her album Day after tomorrow.

Hall Ketchum covers Yesterday's gone (although I'm not sure this is the Waits song or just another song withthe same title) and Jersey Girl on Father Time.

The Young Republic covers Tango 'til they're sore - listen to it over at Song By Toad.

And then there is the Southside Johnny cover project. The album Grapefruit Moon: The Songs Of Tom Waits will be released on September 2, but is now already listed on SSJ's own site and on Amazon. The cd accompanying the September issue of Uncut magazine includes Walk Away from the forthcoming CD, a track which features Tom Waits himself.

And will leave you with a video of Bette Middler covering Martha;


Anonymous said...

Not sure about the 'Yesterday's Gone' song by Hall Ketchum ... wasn't Tom's song called 'Yesterday's Here'?

The Eyeball Kid said...

@davidhorn: You are right of course. And a quick listen to a snippet of the song at Ketchum's site proves it is not the Waits song...