Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dublin setlist (second night)

The Rat Cellar, Dublin, Ireland
July 31, 2008
Lucinda / Ain't going down to the well no more
Down in the hole
Come on up the house
The bottom of the world
Jockey full of bourbon
Chocolate Jesus
Misery is the river of the world
Picture in a frame
Tango till they're sore
Invitation to the blues
House where nobody lives
Innocent when you dream
Lie to me
Sixteen shells from a thirty-ought six
9th & Hennepin
Black market baby
Trampled rose
Hoist that rag
All the world is green
Hang down your head
Raindogs/Russian Dance
Make it rain

Heart attack and vine
Hold on


Anonymous said...

Heartattack and Vine? Hadn't played that anywhere else on tour, and Heart of Saturday Night? Perhaps Waits does read this blog.
He might even do Step Right Up sometime! I hope to hear some of these old tunes the next time he plays. He doesn't do them often, but it would please a lot of his fans, not that there's anything wrong with his newer material. It's just that I'm 54, and first heard his music about 1976 or so, and thought he was a very unique performer at the time, a young guy doing jazz that I (and many others) associated with an older generation of performers. Maybe he started something, because younger "pop" jazz artists like Harry Connick and Dianne Reese came along a bit later at a time when he started to experiment with different sounds and musical genres.
So, Eyeball Kid, is Waits heading back home now, with a stop in New York to do a Letterman appearance?

The Eyeball Kid said...

@ldnearthesea : I think pretty much everybody was flying back out on Saturday (although I could be mistaken) - don't know anything about Letterman.

Zardoz said...

thanks a million to the asshole who brought the dumb bitch that got up and interrupted everyone 3 or 4 lines into "invitation to the blues".
Innocent when you Dream, Guilty when you have to piss during the most important 2 1/2 hours of the year.
Otherwise an amazing gig with some nice surprises like "heart attack and