Friday, August 01, 2008

Dublin setlist (third night - tour finale)

The Rat Cellar, Dublin Ireland
August 1, 2008
Lucinda / ain't going down to the well no more
Raindogs / Russian Dance
Down in the hole
I'll shoot the moon
Other side of the world
Falling Down
Jesus' gonna be here
Tom Traubert's Blues
Heart of Saturday Night
Lost in the Harbor
House Where Nobody Lives
Innocent When you Dream

Hoist That Rag
Cemetery Polka
Green Grass
Long Way Home
Lie to Me
Blue Valentines
Trampled Rose
Eyeball Kid
Going Out West
God's Away on Business
Make it Rain

16 Shells from a thirty-ought six
Heigh Ho
Dirt in the Ground

Metropolitan Glide
Lucky Day


DublinRambler said...

Wow...He really played The Heart of Saturday night? Brilliant

Eoin said...

Which of the nights was the best, in your opinion?

surfraptor said...

It was an amazing gig!!!
Dirt In The Ground was haunting again!!
Tom rules Big Time!!!

The Eyeball Kid said...

@eoin: Wednesday was good, but Thursday was excellent and I didn't think he'd be able to top that. And then came Friday night. The performance, the set list, the crowd, the sound,... everything was just right. Absolutely superb. Surely the best show in Dublin, and maybe even of the whole tour.

Seth31 said...

For me, Thursday night could not be topped (save for the slightly muted/distracted crowd). Heart attack and vine, hang down your head, all the world is green, invitation to the blues, 9th & Hennepin. All absolutely stunning. I thought Friday night was superb, especially the atmosphere, but Thursday edged it musically.

Lottie said...

Super Super super gig!

Anonymous said...

Thursday was the one night I missed and the setlist looked incredible. I was glad he made up for it on Friday with a cracking 16 shells and a blistering Make it Rain as the first outro. I can't complain about anything - the venue, the crowd (apart from one little jerk who couldn't hold his liquor and was looking for a fight during the stage ruch at the end!) and of course the band and Tom himself. I must say his kids are incredible and a great credit to Mr. & Mrs. Waits.
Apparently Peter Aiken the promoter was speaking on the radio yesterday and stated for the record that Tom got the same fee for each and every gig in Europe - the high ticket prices in Ireland were attributed to the higher costs of staging the gigs - for example insurance premiums of €100,000.00 as opposed to €5000.00 in Edinburgh - maybe next time he should do Belfast!!

Lottie said...

@henryporter - That's shocking. Just anther example of rip off Ireland.

The Eyeball Kid said...
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rainpuppy said...

Was anybody else annoyed by people who kept leaving their seats during the final show in Dublin? It was pretty much constant and most people didn`t have the manners to wait until between songs before squeezing past a whole row of people!! There must have been something pretty special going on out the back!!
As for the shows, well I was lucky enough to get to 3 of em.
1st night in Paris(my favourite), 2nd in Edinburgh and the final date in Dublin. All very special and 3 gigs i`ll never forget.
Thanks Eyeballkid for this great website.

Anonymous said...

Yes Rainpuppy, the sheer ignorance of people running for the toilets/cigarettes/whatever was astounding. Glad you enjoyed the gigs all over Europe.
As regards the Promoters comments I'm waiting for them to be podcast on RTE radio and will post a link here so you all can here for yourselves - I know quite a few people who were disgruntled at the ticket prices and blaming Tom for the high costs, but this should shed some light on the matter. I thonk the fact that the t-shirts/albums/posters which were all extremely affordable and according to sources price controlled by Tom is illustrative of the fact that he wasn't responsible for the rip-offs that people were complaining about.

BTW-Eyeball Kid -are you going to do another schedule of songs played, like you did for the Stateside gigs?

The Stryder said...

August 1st was a tour de force, can't say I ever attended a gig that surpassed it by anybody. Thanks too to the Eyeball Kid for all the info, hope you had a great time here.

Jens said...

I was also very annoyed by some people leaving during the songs. Come on. They paid 134$ for a ticket and can't get without a cig or toiletbreak from 20 till 23. Annoying for me and with little respect for the band.
The crowd's voice on the other hand was amazing. Very loud when Tom first came up the stage. Even louder when he came for the second time, Again louder when he came for the third time and everybody was screaming and really trying to get him back on stage for the fourth time. A real rush. Better then the crowd in Amsterdam in '04.

The concert was perfect. I was blown away by so many songs. Lie to me (not a personal favorite) was impressive, as was Make it Rain, Going out West, .... I thought he made I'll shoot the moon and Lucky Day feel very personal. The jokes were perfect. Wouldn't trade it for any other show of this tour and I think this was a much better show compared to the one in Amsterdam. Thursday's setlist is also impressive but with a second encore and 2 more songs makes Friday the winner for me.

greetz Jens

narf` said...

i went to the first night in paris, which was amazing, but i had the feeling that his voice wasn't 100% that night. in dublin, last night, the concert was nothing less than incredible, with his very full and powerfull voice.
personal highlights include trampled rose, cemetary polka, lost in the harbour and lucky day.
a boo to the ticketmaster, we paid the most expensive tickets to be seated in the absolute (and that's not an exageration) worst seats. luckily some stewardess reseated us to some kick ass seats. unlucky for less fortunate or assertive people, to be seated in some scandalous seats.
dublin as a city sucked, but at least there'll be an wonderfull memory sticking to its name.

can't stop listening to the atlanta concert, hope they bring out dublin on dvd!

*tips hat to this blog*

Mr Siegal said...

Of the two shows i saw(Thurs & Fri in Dublin)Friday was by far my favourite,great setlist,great crowd....a very special night....till the next time!

2for2true said...

This set list is terrific. I hope I can find a copy somehow. I'll miss all the 'dogs I met this year in Knoxville and Atlanta. What a great summer tour!

Staggerlee said...

2 Nights in Edinburgh were both excellent, but am I glad I pushed the boat out and made it to Dublin for the last show.

What a great 26 hrs,from meeting up with the Raindogs in the Czech Inn at 2.00am on Friday to a reflective last hour spent in a diner in Dublin which we left around 4.00am on Saturday morning.

The show itself was amazing, too many highs to list in full but who can forget Dirt in the Ground, Heart of Saturday night and the perfect finale of Lucky day.

Then there was the crowd, yeah there was a lot of movement, but in Block on row N in the middle the thing that drew my attention most wher the spontaneous standing ovations, not just at the end of the first set or encores but at the end of individual songs.

Finally to the best song of the tour, no not at any of the gigs, but the gloriously joyous Raindogs rendition of Innocent when you dream in the Oak after Fridays gig.

For all of us there I'm sure that'll stay with us for a long time.

Thanks to everyone I met in Dublin who added to a great time !!!!

Staggerlee said...
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Postini said...

amazing nights in Dublin!
thanks eyeball for all the great work in this site, just one thing;
At 9 o'clock of the first6 day that ticketmaster sold tickets for Tom Waits i asked for the best possible seats e near the stage as possible, i didn't mind the price as i was going from Portugal to make a dream come true. Fist night i was in row T of the last block (B) ... i could barelly see the stage, second night i was a place 7 at block c (I could see only tom) and third night i was in a place 7 at block D (i could see only tom but not when he was on piano).
It's amazing How we pay more then 130€ and we cannot see the band? Mahybe the 115€ seats were the first rows? Is it possible?
Am i the only one who feel cheated about this?

Mr T said...
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Mr T said...

Wow. Thanks Tom. And Thanks Eyeball Kid.
Some other peoples reviews over here..

Burntfaced Jake said...

Interesting to see the above comments on seat prices and locations. Don't get me wrong the gigs were amazing as I've commented elsewhere, but the top ticket price got me a back row circle seat in Edinburgh. In Dublin top price got me a slightly elevated view in Block B but it felt further away from the stage than Edinburgh. Only in Paris did the price reflect where I was seated. I wonder what the lower ticket prices bought?

Narf - Fair play to you for being assertive and getting better seats.

ggalaxy65 said...

I am very did Blue Valentines sound?

If anyone was able to get a recording of this show I would love to trade with them.

surfraptor said...

It sounded beautiful!!!
Big surprise!

Zardoz said...

what an amazing 3 dublin gigs topping the poll at 1st 2nd and 3rd it was a pleasure to be at all 3.
Each night i lay my head on my pillow with the sound of "make it rain" going around in my head and it was still there when I woke up each morning.
Tom is now confirmed "the main man" after that tour.
Maybe we should have a poll on what title to crown him with after making so many people so happy.
No other artist could do 74 different songs in such a short number of shows.
Thank you Tom also thank you Henk thank you Tim and all the great Tom fans at the Oak and Susan for the wonderful pics @
cheers John aka Zardoz

Zardoz said...

Oh and Narf you obviously didnt get to know Dublin very well if you thought it was a shithole.
I had a shit seat for the first night but sat in the 6th row middle for half the gig. on the 2nd night i did the same and got to the 13th row and same on Friday but only at the end. On all 3 nights I led the charge for the stage at the end of "make it rain" It worked best on the first night when the bouncers were caught on the hop and I got right up under the stage and shook hands with Tom as he went off stage both times. And for all you raindogs out there, its still raining Cats and Dogs in Dublin.

simon said...

here`s Dublin. Download and unzip: