Sunday, July 27, 2008

Edinburgh setlist (first night)

Playhouse, Edinburgh, Scotland
July 27, 2008

Lucinda/Ain't goin' down to the well
Falling down
On the other side of the world
I'll shoot the moon
Cemetery polka
Get behind the mule
Cold cold ground
Circus / Table top Joe
Jesus gonna be here
Picture in a frame
Invitation to the blues
House where nobody lives
Innocent when you dream
Lie to me
Hoist that rag
Bottom of the world
Hang down your head
Green grass
Way down in the hole
Dirt in the ground
Make it rain

Goin' out west
All the world is green



Jitterbugboy said...

This was amazing. It was majestic and damaged and brutal and soft. Im so looking forward to the second show now, with every note i felt a sin being cleansed, and then swiftly replaced :)

bastardvic said...
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vik said...

1st (and my only) night of the show was excellent, the setlist was great, even if with some less favorable songs (IMO, the house theme continuity borrowed right from 2004 London show, as well as some of the low-brow jokes from the same show and from some others, Tom's turning really green, recycling those, hence the two of my favorite green songs on the setlist, Green Grass and All The World is Green at encore) I'd give the show top marks, because it felt way better and more "personal" than my 4 years old London show experience.

The cherry on the cake was when at least 75% of the audience were singing along, on Tom's lead quietly the chorus bits to Innocent When You Dream, that felt magic and made me giggle in enjoyment, although I must say it was very difficult not to sing along to majority of numbers played in order not to get stabbed (remember Tom's joke - What's a gentleman? A man who can play accordion, but doesn't", so even if I'd imitate Tom's voice perfectly, i would have been beaten up) although the giggling of new to waits people laughing at Tom's casual bits of I'll Shoot The Moon (have they ever heard the outtakes version?, which is admittedly hilarious, but not "oh wow, he's doin' some crazy number" giggling, which was annoying for me

Excellent show one way or another, it's a shame couldn't get tix for the 2nd night, as i was skint at the time tickets went on sale, considering hotel and flights blah

(prolix, prolix, prolix, nothing a pair of scissors can't fix...)

Tee7 said...

not related to the edinburgh show but seem to have tickets available for all three dublin nights now...

oldjollymon said...

Tabletop Joe is one I was hoping for during the US leg. That & Green Grass musta been great in E'burgh!

antipode said...

Ditto with Vik.
This is my one and probably only Waits gig I'll ever see and it was everything and more than what I expected. Bless you Tom...

mothsmoke said...

Can someone please post the set-list for the 2nd night in Edinburgh?

herge65 said...

Second night in Edinburgh.

Lucinda/Ain't Goin' Down To The Well
Rain Dogs
Falling Down
On The Other Side Of The World
I'll Shoot The Moon
God's Away On Business
The Part You Throw Away
Eyeball Kid
Tom Traubert's Blues
The Briar And The Rose
Take It With Me
Innocent When You Dream
Lie To Me
Hoist That Rag
Bottom Of The World
Cold Cold Ground
Green Grass
Way Down In The Hole
Dirt In The Ground
Metropolitan Glide
Make It Rain

Jesus Gonna Be Here
9th & Hennepin
Anywhere I Lay My Head

It was astounding!

Dave said...

Thanks for the set listing, Herge. It was a brilliant show, wasn't it?

herge65 said...

Hi Dave,

This was my third Waits gig.

I saw London Hammersmith in 2004 and Paris Grand Rex on July 25th.

For me the second night Edinburgh was the best (by a very small margin). An incredible set list and amazing atmosphere.

My highlights were 'I'll Shoot The Moon' and '9th & Hennepin'.

Thanks to the tour this summer will be very hard to top!

Kate said...

Was at the 2nd Edinburgh show. So amazing and beautiful and touching with his sons up there with him. I teared up when he played Take it with Me. What a showman. What a show.