Sunday, July 27, 2008

Your favourites

A while back, I asked what your favourite setlist of the US leg of the Glitter and Doom tour was. And after over 400 votes, the winner is ... Birmingham. Not sure what that means, but that's it.

As far as my request for your request goes... You've come up with a list enough to fill an entire tour. So, I took the liberty of picking out ten songs to start another poll. Cast your vote in the right-hand column.


oldjollymon said...

i saw knoxville w/ me ma, jax w/ a handful of friends, B'ham w/ new friends & ATL w/ a different group of friends...and B'ham kicked the tail off of the others! Not just setlist (which was quite lucky), but performance-wise too. Knox & ATL were equal parts magic (but diff.) and JAX, though good, just

But no complaints here and like many others: would not have had the notice and planning req'd to stake out this many shows in my southern US heartland w/o the kind services of the EYEBALL KID!!

so HAIL!! HAIL!! & yes, I'd love Pasties and a G- any old time!

waytoblue said...

Actually, out of the last 4 shows on the U.S. tour, I would have to say Mobile was my favorite. It was a smaller theater, and although I was in the balcony, I had a great view and the sound was incredible. The stage being a little smaller in my view actually added to the mystique of the evening.

I would place Atlanta second (I was in the pit...sound and view were excellent) then Birmingham and Jax last. I agree, there was something that felt a little off though a good show, nonetheless.

I hope he continues this trend of touring in the South!

Anonymous said...

Tom Waits needs to play in his home state: CALIFORNIA! Just saw Steely Dan at the Mid State Fair in Paso Robles, a Palookaville if there ever was any (sorry if you are from Paso, but let's be honest!), and 10,000 filled a 15,000 seat outdoor venue, and they were not scheduled to play there originally on their current tour. Tom Waits could fill it, I bet; and by the way, Steely Dan did feature some very good younger backup players, vis-a-vis Waits doing the same with this current tour. And honestly, because of the venue, Waits' down-home blues and folky tunes would go over well with the ten gallon hat crowd that come over from Fresno and Bakersfield, and his hipster, jazzier tunes would go over well with the older longboard surfer crowd coming up from Santa Barbara and SLO Town, or down from Santa Cruz.
Would have liked to have seen the Jax or first Phoenix show because he played some tunes from 'Small Change' and 'Blue Valentine.' St. Louis was a great venue, and seeing Waits sing "Lie to Me" in a somewhat different way really says much about how he can throw a change-up pitch. Doing "Black Market Baby" in a reggae style just shows off that talent the more so.
So Waits' California fans want him to play here; SoCal, Central Cal, NorCal!