Friday, July 25, 2008

Eggs & sausage art show

The California Phonebootgallery dedicates an art show called Eggs and sausage and a side of toast to works inspired by Tom Waits. This on line exhibition of 26 artists promises 'an explosion of paintings, drawings, sculpture, printmaking, photography, collage, and many more mixed medias'.


Michael said...

The concert was - fantastic obviously - but was anyone else annoyed by Casey Waits timid drumming? He's clearly talented but lacked the confidence required for someone to be on stage with Tom. It really sucked the kick out of the performance and I was a little disappointed due to my very high expectations based on a previous concert. So give Casey some bongoes, but not the drums.

dakati said...

That Kevin Tong "Nighthawks" poster is, I must say, a masterpiece! Seeing that it's sold out, if anyone (and this is a desperate prayer) happens to have an extra they'd be willing to throw down (for whatever price), I would oh so greatly appreciate it.

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